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  1. Its great to see so many builds under way here, especially since I currently cant do any of my own, due to still not having a workshop to build in. so many kits and builds sat there in boxes waiting their turn. How I hate how long our subsidence claim is taking. I just want to build my work shop on the unaffected part of my property, but we are advised not to………
  2. Shame that line got canned halfway through. I have all of them but really was wanting the ones they didnt make.
  3. I step away from this site for a bit of time, and stuff like this happens. Awesome work, can5 wait to see it finished. I have the STL files for a copy of the Revell 1/72 Valk and was plannin* on scaling it up, but as yet the new workshop build is on hold and, although my printer is out, I cant leave it running for days on end with out upsetting the Misses.
  4. Really interested in what you are doing here both with the rare parts and the scanner. Most of the retail ones I have seen and tested were either rubbish or so good they had a price tag to match. Anything open source and home brewed gets my vote.
  5. It will just be M$ playing the usual games when they are about to drop a new OS. Patch the hell outta the old ones and make anything they don't want anyone using so rubbish that the user upgrades either buy buying the new os or buying a new pc with it already installed. If you are on Win7 or Win8 then M$ want you off it and on 10 or 11 as soon as its out of final beta. To use a phrase we all know that fits , “All this has happened before, and will happen again”
  6. I love Who as much as most in this thread, been to conventions, bought products etc, watched most of the episodes both old and new series alike. I think the main issues for a falling popularity are Every episode seems to be based on earth, what happened to planet xyz and spacestation 123, we have a whole universe / multiverse and the whole of existance to make stories with, but each week we have London, Birmingham or some other part of the world of the 21st century. In the 70’s and 80’s the Doctor did visit earth but no where near as much as now. I know that CGI isnt cheap, but digital filters on film to change the sky or colour of plants is cheap and easy, its school kid easy, as it can be done post production with shop bought software. The wastelands of Skaro were filmed in a quarry near where I used to live, we went there as kids after filming had wrapped, although my parents didn't tell us at the time. 7year old me found Skaro oddly familiar the next week. When I worked at IBM the building I worked in had been used many times for filming for different episodes none of which were earth based. They used a disused MOD airbase near me for one of Colin Bakers encounters with the Daleks prior to it being demolished and turned into a housing estate. I think what I am trying to say is they used to be more inventive set wise and managed more with less. Nowadays with time travel a mainstream plot device in most sci-fi and some dramas they need to make more effort in my opinion. As nothing they do is ground breaking. We have good story writers but average scripts most of the time, with the occasional excellent one in the mix. The BBC wont can it yet as the merch still sells and they have way to much invested, but as its publicly owned, sooner or later if ratings go down questions will get asked. Then the only option might be overseas investment and or a buy off by one of the independent UK channels. If that happens foreign syndication might be more difficult, Auntie Beeb has a massive amount of clout arround the world, and it may end up on a media outlet thats not accessible to the whole of the UK as is current with BBC1 being its output channel. Then it could simply fade away and get dropped. I hope not as my little boy is just starting to take notice of the Whoverse.
  7. Exactly, Tom Baker is beloved as the Doctor, one of the reasons behind that is due to the time he spent being the Doctor. Recent Turns seem to leave, just when they are getting the groove, fans dislike them at first, then grow to love them, then they leave. Is the BBC just not paying enough? They are not leaving for bigger things as all except Matt Smith have only picked up TV series work afterwards.
  8. Agreed Jack seemed like a last minute addition. Hopefully they'll keep him in for future episodes as he is a popular character. Otherwise not a bad episode. One question though, each and every time we have been introduced to a new Dalek variant, they get binned off by the end of the episode, and we are left with the “old, new” Gold/bronze version. Back before the reboot each time they appeared they were reinvented, even if it was just a paint job.
  9. big F

    1/55's revisited

    I will see if I can find them, iirc they were placed on my old companies web server so I think I still have copies . Thought I had fixed them ages ago :(
  10. big F

    1/55's revisited

    I will have to check my Jetfires iirc one of them had Matsuhiro on it.
  11. This is the main reason I stopped buying valk toys. need to check my 1/60 VF1J in GBP armour as its been in a north facing room in a cabinet with tinted glass at my folks house. Been there for at least 10 years, and I have only checked it a few times. My folks don't open the cabinet and like the figures in there.
  12. You need to contact Cooper59 on that as the original author and shiftzero whos had a part in it also. I hope its not dead.
  13. To be fair, thats not a bad price, theres the time spent measuring and producing the cad files then the hours printing and then the hours finishing. We all know how much time it takes to finish a Macross kit. Its been several decades since I last built a Macross/Robotech Revell kit. But even if its fit is as good as current Hasegawa, theres a good few hours there just getting it to fit together. Shame is half the people seeing this auction will probably have no clue to the time and effort Scott put into it
  14. Runs to printer to press print on first parts.
  15. Yes I hope so. Never got into modding for this game. Was more into mods for Freelancer. Should have had a Macross mod for that IMO.
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