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  1. Hmm. I’ll check into that. Thanks!!
  2. I have SLA for small and detail parts and FDM for the large structural parts. These joints look great. I just need ball joints/sockets that are 2.5mm diameter max to fit
  3. Minor update. Kinda Spent some time working on Hikaru to pilot this beast. I wanted a fully articulated action figure style pilot I could put in the cockpit or have standing outside. Trying to engineer the joints on such a small scale with a strong but brittle medium is a challenge. The stl is a static statue of Hikaru I got online but I split it and re worked the mesh at all the joints in an attempt for poseability. Hikaru stands at 8.9cm which is 1/20 of his canon 178cm hight. The hinge joints in the knees could work but be brittle. The elbow hinge join
  4. I’ve been struggling to make time with work/family/holidays lately but there may be some opportunity to work on some updates soon. I’d like to move past the hands/storage/size issue right now. Thx for the line art@nightmareB4macross but I’m torn with the way to go on this. Can definitely make the hands slide out vs. rotate, might even open some space for a larger hand. Just can’t get past there not being an environmental door or hatch that keeps the hands sealed inside. Does anyone have any screenshots or line art that shows forearms with hands stowed from the rear? I searched a few episo
  5. I did a quick adjustment with the mesh. Will also post a render tomorrow. One question, in the cutaway schematic, left arm, the backhand faces outward, which way is the thumb? Up or down?
  6. Thanks for all the references and input. Need to go back and look at the joints and see if its possible. The thumb and pinky will be the challenge.
  7. @nightmareB4macross do you have a link to the poster you are talking about?
  8. Man I’m trying really hard to see how that would work? I think I have an idea but think the washer contact area is too small for let’s say an elbow joint. It might need to be a rubber spacer 1cm wide or so.
  9. @Sanity is Optional I’m not quite understanding that? Do you have a diagram or break down of one installed? I’ve taken apart a bunch of toys over the last several months and I’m not sure I’ve seen that yet.
  10. Thanks all! The pins in the fingers are 1.6 mm and interference fit. Might not be able to get a nut/bolt in there. I'm thinking of draft printing the nose section next. So may be a short while before I get an update as there are multiple tweaks to the mesh I need to do for the pivoting radome, leg connections, canopy, etc.
  11. @MechTechnice! I'll post some prototyping below off I did off your original photos. I took a stab and instead of doing the flange pressing against the center housing I double flanged it. Printed in PETG, cycled a few hundred times bu hand. Great tension and no sign of serious wear! This joint will be perfect for the knee and may try to adapt for the shoulder joint. Your work is amazing. How strong is the styrene? The smoothness looks great in the photos. With FDM I'll spend a fair amount of time post processing. The SLA is awesome but not structurally consistent enough nor strong enou
  12. @MechTech would you mind taking a couple more pictures of that from an angle that can show me the way it’s built? I can almost make it out but would want to see the male and female pieces better.
  13. @MechTech that joint looks awesome! I planned on nylon washers and metric screws with nylock nuts. How does it work for you? Strong enough? Does it break/chip? Is that SLA printed or FDM? I’ll look to reverse engineer. ☺️ I got my SLA back yesterday and have resin on its way. @Chronocidal I have an stl for a sliding/friction hinge and since the leg is so big I may go back and look at that as an option. Right now the model is easily over 500 objects. I’d like to optimize much lower and that just might help. Also I have the ratchet/nub inside the upper thigh portion to ‘notch” in t
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