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Found 6 results

  1. I made this a while ago, but just finally joined the MW forums, so I thought I'd post this. Here's a link to the Imgur album on the build. Here's a link to the STL files.
  2. First of all, this is not mine. I’m not sure if he’s a member of MWF. I just stumbled on his channel while looking for some YF-19 videos. It looks like his WIP project is based on the Bandai DX YF-19 figure. What scale, I’m not sure but it’s bigger than the DX Figure. https://www.youtube.com/user/BigBoPete Here’s his latest WIP video:
  3. Missile Pod done: Shapeways 1:60 STL files 1:72 STL files Gunpod hardpoint clip done: Shapeways STL file Thanks @Xigfrid for sharing his DX hardpoint CAD info for the clip. @valhary has made a resin cast for those interested. Original message below: Xigfrid inspired me to make use of my CAD software, and so I'm working up alternate pods for the VF-31, since I don't want my 31a using a damn drone charger. First step, which is done, is to make a basic block-out of the outside of the pod in it's stowed shape. Up next I'm going to try and make the simpler of the alternate pods shown in the master file (p76-77): the cluster missile pod (as they don't need to bend apart in the middle). Unsure quite how I want to do the hinged missile doors, might call for a brass rod running down the side as a hinge. If that goes well, I'll try the beam cannon unit. Probably not going to do the projection unit, as I'm not a fan of the look, and honestly curves are a giant PITA to model up in my CAD software. Once I'm done I'll put the STPs and Parasolids up on a filesharing platform and upload the stuff to Shapeways as well.
  4. Hello folks! How is everybody? I haven't posted here in years but I wanted to tonight because I found something I knew some of you would be interested in seeing. First of all, this is not me - just a fella I have watched since he started making Mospeada/Macross models into STLS. This guy has modeled in 3D the entire kit, and is building it slowly. He has several videos of his progress, and is almost finished. This is the same person who did the "Cy-Kill" model and sold it on ebay. All his files are on thingiverse if you're interested. If this is the wrong category, I apologize and hope a mod will just move it to the proper place instead of deleting it. This guy deserves to be seen for the work he has put into these models. Thanks y'all! EDIT:
  5. Hi I am new to the forum, but I hope this topic generates some feedback as I am currently working on shoulder hinge & forearm replacement parts for a VF-0A by Yamato ( now Arcadia ). I have included some shots from my current progress. I should have a new set of replacements parts in metal here in the next few weeks. If anyone has parts they'd like to see redone in metal or plastic please PM me and let me know. We can move forward from there. PS these are precise replicas built from existing plastic (albeit - broken) parts from original 1/60 figure. NOTE: if you are interested in a quote for custom work, I will need at least one of the following: 1. a detailed set of hyper accurate illustrations including the top, side, front, and possibly bottom of the piece / part in question. and or 2. The piece mailed to me so I have it in my hands to produce sail illustrations / take measurements. I cannot do it from just a photo. Cheers! RocketBoyStudio
  6. 3D printing the SDF-1 Bridge in 1:285 scale. I didn't make the 3d model, but I did scale it to 1:285 and broke it into pieces to be printed on my raise3d N2 FDM printer. I did redesign the four large antenna that stick out to be replaced by rods. so there are insert holes in the model for that. so far I have printed out the back of the left side. I tried to print out the front part of the left side but I am having some issues. so I went ahead and started the right side. Here are some pictures showing various states of the print. I want to go in eventually and update the left side so it has all the inner layers of the bridge modeled out. There is a kickstarter I am backing for a new material called Polysmooth, that comes with a polysher device. They are going to make a transparent filament for this that will polish see through.
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