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  1. Here is the first of hopefully many more products available to those of us who want to improve the quality our collectables. Macross Yamato VF-0a Replacement Shoulder Hinge Parts 3 versions available below: $10 - strong black plastic, $20 stronger black plastic - $30 - strongest black metal
  2. PS I would also offer custom repairs with a pre-agreed set of requirements and payment.
  3. Yes the Yamato 1/60 version. I am remodeling the shoulder joint and inner arm parts that connect to each other. I will be printing them in metal and I will offer them for sale too for between $20 - 30. Hard to say until there done, tested and ordered.
  4. Hi I am new to the forum, but I hope this topic generates some feedback as I am currently working on shoulder hinge & forearm replacement parts for a VF-0A by Yamato ( now Arcadia ). I have included some shots from my current progress. I should have a new set of replacements parts in metal here in the next few weeks. If anyone has parts they'd like to see redone in metal or plastic please PM me and let me know. We can move forward from there. PS these are precise replicas built from existing plastic (albeit - broken) parts from original 1/60 figure. NOTE: if you are interested in a quote for custom work, I will need at least one of the following: 1. a detailed set of hyper accurate illustrations including the top, side, front, and possibly bottom of the piece / part in question. and or 2. The piece mailed to me so I have it in my hands to produce sail illustrations / take measurements. I cannot do it from just a photo. Cheers! RocketBoyStudio
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