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  1. Looks great Music choice for the trailer was great Main actor has the right energy* will have to check this out *he played THAD from "Blue Mountain State", I'm DEFINITELY watching this now!!
  2. Hasegawa'a Crusher Joe TR-5 Harpy was the first "non-traditional" model kit I've ever handled from them... and it's a WONDERFUL kit. I assume the Minerva is similar.
  3. that was... a significant amount of debris that came off the thing during the 'chute deployment...
  4. Hasegawa STOP.... you can't have ALL my money!!! 😅
  5. Thanks @Dobber, I couldn't make out the words on my screen. 479 TFW. Must be the Wing Co.'s ride.
  6. It's wonderfully garish... Anyone know what squadron that is? I may need to hunt down a set of decals... It seems that 21st century toys put this scheme on one of their 1/18 offerings... but I don't need a 1/18 Starfighter
  7. Put this paint-scheme on that Raptor: Come on, let's make Paint-schemes Great Again! Grey is boring, and we all know it!
  8. but will there be a Miria one? I can't lopside my collection like that...
  9. slide

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm fine with that if it actually keeps money out of HG's hands. been doing it for years, why change now?
  10. As a modeler I can answer the model kit question: 1. Death-Machines are cool [especially if they don't really exist and therefore can't actually harm anyone]. 2. Mechanical design [particularly, in my case, involving aircraft] is more art than anything ever produced by, say, Jackson Pollock for example. [and that's, like, my opinion man ] 3. If the show sucks [for whatever reason], but the Mechs or vehicles are cool/interesting that's enough to interest me in the design. Cases-in-point: Star Trek Discovery SUCKS and should be purged from the collective memory of Humanity... but their re-imagined Enterprise was cool enough that I picked up one of the kits. I've never seen "the Wandering Earth" but if I ever needed a Super-Heavy Truck model for something, this would be one of my first choices.
  11. 😅 uhhh ... ONE! the 1/8000 Arii SDF-1... There's also the 3D printing aspect to factor in... the only limit with that is the 3d model. There are some highly talented folks out there, and I'm sure some of them take commissions! but I have SDF-1's in many scales, so I can still get a handle on relative sizes/satisfy my [often senseless] need for scale continuity Example: It sure was nice of Bandai to make their Star Destroyer in 1/5000, a scale that the SDF-1 exists in... Now I just need a 1/1000 SDF-1 to scale with my Trek kits
  12. Crazy maybe, but tbh if we're comparing the Brunhilde to, say, the Barbarossa, then you're on pretty solid ground for that argument! But we're not getting others if this doesn't sell, and most importantly for myself, it's IN SCALE to other ships in my collection to-build pile, So put me down for one
  13. Yes. In fact I think they may have had some localized inspiration for the White-ish fighters: JASDF Phantoms are the only "white" fighters that come to mind. They became less white over time: Their first batches of F-15Js were pretty pale as well:
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