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  1. It's no Tamiya or Hasegawa as far as detail sharpness, but it looks good. I'll probably stack one in the stash. At least the got the "legs" straight. Any word on price yet?
  2. CVW-2 is NE, which seems like it would fit. The traditional tailcode, however, for the Sundowners is NL. Either way, that is a hot looking VF-4 so far @Goodman Models!!
  3. I'd be out a lot of $$$ if that happened! Do it Wave!!
  4. If you meant "Fire Control" as in fighting a fire: onboard fire-fighting systems are generally referred to as "Fire Extinguishers" or "Fire Suppression Systems" In the F-14 they are certainly referred to as "extinguishers" Note the "FIRE EXT SW" [Fire Extinguisher Switch] marking on the Fuel cut-off handles [top left/top right of the instrument panel, in yellow and black stripes] If you meant "Fire Control" as in Launching a Missile, they tend to stay away from that wording to deconflict the acronyms. [**non-english-speaking nations mileage may vary] Pilots would never say "Firing" when employing a weapons system [like Tom Cruise did in Top Gun] because the word "Fire" is reserved for emergencies/flame-related moments. #8 is the "big red button" in the RIO seat that sends an AIM-54 Phoenix at some poor sucker. Note the label: #13 is the "select the next poor sucker from the TWS priority list" switch. FCS in the F/A-18 would refer only to the Flight Control Systems. Here is the "FCS Page" on one of the hornet's DDIs I think calling the "FC" parts in question ECM blisters/antennae makes the most sense.
  5. You want 8k footage of a screwup that cost many millions in taxpayer dollars? Me too!! ... but the Department of the US Navy sure doesn't
  6. A massive settle at the ramp... wonder what caused it. Yep
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