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  1. My wallet is devastated at the news!! The 1/144 kit is a sweet little thing. yes it's on the pricey-side, but honestly it's 3x better than I was expecting.
  2. If Hasegawa did either the Patlabor F-15J Kai, or the F-302 Dragon II I would buy many.
  3. I would forgive them the panel lines in exchange for the head/arms insert/replacement piece on the VF-X. The insert piece should be doable... heck, they did resin parts for for the VF-11D's camera-pod and the VF-1EX cockpits... The extra vents I can paint, I can sand off the extra lumps and bumps on the VF-1... and I'll scribe my own panel lines If it bothers me later lol and while they're at it, they can fix the 1/72nds leg droop
  4. I'll take a VF-X please... that's an easy one Hasegawa!! it's practically a Gimme!!!
  5. at least I'm not the only one who suffers that affliction
  6. I wish I had the cash to take that gem off your hands @spanner, but sadly I do not. Bump for a great seller though!
  7. That seems so odd... I can't imagine why anyone would think that, looking at the shape and imagining where systems would go and be oriented... the metal "Pyramid" on the underside-amidships as she sits on the trailer is the mounting-interface for the RCS-test-stand, or at least it seems so to me. Are the folks making that speculation under the impression that planes are always mounted inverted on the mast? They're not: They get mounted in multiple orientations to be examined from almost every angle over the course of a test program. What good would a fuselage shape be if it generates negative lift? because if it is upside-down, that's what's going to happen. The drooped "leading-edge" or "LERX" section further solidifies that it's upright in my mind. Can't wait till the declassify it and prove me a fool!
  8. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2021-09-23/french-director-has-1-week-to-complete-crowdfunding-campaign-for-a-macross-documentary/.177638
  9. AND a 90% chance they'll re-pop it next year or two
  10. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/42480/mysterious-stealthy-shape-that-resembles-future-fighter-concepts-spotted-at-radar-test-range
  11. A Tomcat canopy will be too big and bulbous... maybe if you tried it backwards? The geometry is really quite different. *Depends on how closely the donor-kit nailed the F-14 canopy* Honestly I'm just going to wait for Hase to make one in 1/48... it's a far better shot than a YF-22 [PLEASE Hasegawa!] in that scale anyhow.
  12. omg... the possibilities!! what a FASCINATING modern age we live in!
  13. I've shot some of the Canik pistols, and I really like the TP9. Some variant thereof is in the running to be my first pistol, unless I can get my hands on some kind of BHP... Canuck is the import moniker for some competitor to Canik. I've no idea what Turkish brand the Canuck stuff actually is. I know Akkar shotguns are branded "Churchill" over here, but I can't really find out whose behind Canuck.
  14. Thanks @sqidd, I overlooked that one somehow. Well, after a very fun range day my Dad's Mossberg 500A's pump mechanism finally gave up the ghost, not a bad run for a $60 pawn-shop-pickup back in the 70's. now that I have it completely torn-down, MY GOD the 30" full-choke barrel on this sucker is ridiculous!!! I looks like I have a Browning M2 barrel lying around... But now I'm REALLY in the market for a new scattergat.
  15. ... Are you telling me you don't want to see the epic Zentraedi Vs Supervision Army fleet action that ended with a nearly destroyed SA Gunship emergency-jumping away then smashing into South Ataria Island? Sounds like a hell of an opening sequence.
  16. so don't let him produce, or have anyhting to do with production design. Something along the lines of: "Michael, I want you to shoot badass action scenes, low-swooping telephotos left and right, and explosions out the wazoo, everything else is handled" then when he's done, we can shoot [or re-shoot] all the non-action scenes with a director who knows how to do that...
  17. put Michael Bay in charge of a Robotech movie, and I'd watch the hell out of it! put Michael Bay in charge of an SDFM movie, and I'm not watching it.
  18. Anyone have any experience with "Canuck"? I know they're made in Turkey, but I have only ever tried one of their 9mm BHP. Seemed well made and put together, but I only got to put 2 mags through it. I'm in the market for a semi-auto shotgun, and Canuck offer a Benelli M4 clone [the 'Canuck Operator'] that looks very interesting, about which I've heard good things. Anyone know if their stuff is as quality as it seems?
  19. slide

    Macross figures

    That's far more reasonable. Meet or exceed that level, for that price, and I'll take an entire cast please!
  20. Its one of the most interesting tensegrity display Ideas I've seen yet, and I agree. But if one went to the trouble to nail the balance point like that, it seems like embedding something like this into the ISD would be going the full 9:
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