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  1. Slow but steady progress on the VF-0B that I've been working on for an embarrassingly long period of time (lol, don't ask). Almost done painting, I'm down to cleaning up a few small details and touching up. Then on to a gloss coat, decals and a final coat of either gloss or matte, I haven't decided yet. The magnetically attached FAST pack works great, snaps perfectly into place and is easy to remove. I've learned a lot on this kit since this is the most experience I have gotten with an airbrush in a LONG time..mostly through mistakes. The biggest thing I learned is that you can really thin Mr Color down quit a lot and use lower air pressure to have less issues with paint sneaking underneath the masking tape.
  2. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Hasegawa 65844 - 1/72 - VF-31F Siegfried Messer_Hayate w_Lilldraken Macross Delta the Movie Hasegawa 65712 - Macross Display Stand Hasegawa 65783 - 1/72 - YF-19 'Demonstrator' Hasegawa 65870 - 1/72 - VF-19A SVF-440 Dullahans w_FAST PACK and High-maneuver missiles Hasegawa 65785 - 1/72 - VF-0C VMFAT-203 Hawks Hasegawa 65871 - 1/48 - VF-1A Valkyrie Low Visibility Hasegaw 65866 - 1/72 - VF-11D Thunderbolt Test Pilot School More kits coming, I finally got through the ones I have easy access to, so some older ones will be coming up soon!
  3. What's interesting is that I saw the kit number is 30 instead of the usual 5 digit number? So presumable the full kit number will be 65730. I just find it interesting that some kits get a two digit number on the box and most of the rest just have the normal 5 digit. I see no particular rhyme or reason for it. In any event, woot!
  4. Yep ! I've been on the fence about keeping my pre-order cause these have gotten so expensive anymore, so I'll be glad for the delay :). It will be my first premium finish.
  5. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Some more, life's been a bit hectic lately so sorry for not many new kit pictures lately. Hasegawa 65862 - 1/72 VF-31E Siegfried Reina Prowler Color Macross Delta the Movie Hasegawa 65861 - 1/72 VF-31S Siegfried Arad Macross Delta Hasegawa 65867 - 1/72 VF-31J Custom Siegfried Hayate Macross Delta
  6. vsim

    Box Art Library

    I've made some improvements to my scripts. Stitched images will hopefully not appear skewed anymore. It was a subtle issue but still drove me crazy enough to want to fix it. Hasegawa 65850 - 1/72 VF-31F Siegfried Kaname Buccaneer Color Macross Delta the Movie
  7. I think it's rather cool they are doing a Myung figure. If I didn't already have an eggplane YF-19, I'd probably go for it...but since I do.. and since I'm worse at painting figures than I am at the aircraft...lol
  8. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Hasegawa 65864 - 1/72 VF-31S Siegfried Mikumo Guynemer Color Macross Delta the Movie
  9. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Yep, they've got a lot of great info. (For anyone who doesn't have the link ,it's Scalemates, scale modeling database | stash manager). Maybe at some point I'll figure out how to add to the info on Scalemates (e.g. box sides, instructions, etc.). I'm scanning everything for more of a preservation aspect. Scanner is calibrated to correct colors and I've got these at high res (including decals sheets at 2400 dpi). I started off with just decals but decided I might as well scan boxes, instructions, etc. while I'm at it because I apparently like having no free time :). If anyone needs a higher res version, just shoot me a message.
  10. Shhh, don't ruin it for me, I haven't gotten that far into the new podcast yet! I wonder what it could be about! hehe.
  11. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Hasegawa 65849 - 1/72 VF-31E Siegfried Chuck Macross Delta Hasegawa 65869 - 1/72 VF-11D Thunderbolt SVT-27 Bluetails
  12. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Hasegawa 65792 - 1/48 VF-1S/A Valkyrie "Skull Squadron"
  13. vsim

    Box Art Library

    Wave MC-073-8800 SDR-04-Mk.XII Destroid Phalanx
  14. Well, still glad to see it returning even with the surcharge. Hopefully that will go away before long. Thanks for the info!
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