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  1. Thank you! Type 01 & Type 03 are on the way!
  2. https://youtu.be/RgyM-9bMYc0?si=RvoJsFOLxmMN1Ghc
  3. The final final design for the F spec Type 2 arm. Hopefully , no more new ideas are coming up while painting this hehe.
  4. Thank you, everyone, for the love in type 2, I appreciated it. Hi Shawn, yes. After painting all the parts, I can move on to making a few short videos and upload them to Youtube. And start 3D printing type 1 and type 3 after that.
  5. [F-Spec] 戦闘機からバトロイドへの吸気カバーの回転 Intake Cover Rotation from Fighter to Battroid
  6. I completely scrapped the previous F-Spec upper arm and redesign this.
  7. Thanks man. Yes using a 8k resolution printer and 0.05 layers to print out these parts.
  8. Thank you. Yup, is 1/48 Thank you Here's a comparison between Bandai 1/48 Hands. I make it bigger a bit since Type 2 is taller than 1/48 Bandai VF-1 and shorter than Arcadia 1/60 SV-51
  9. F Spec-Arm. Only F-Spec has this shoulder design.
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