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  1. It's true that Arcadia prices are a step up more expensive than the Yamatos, but I guess this is the price we will have to pay to convince Arcadia to develop new molds on Macross lincense
  2. This is a good thing to keep the VF-1S Roy manufactured, and it would be a good idea to add the Ikaru version also because they are both the most popular and desired toys amongst the Macross series when you start the collection. Concerning the release from Arcadia, it seems that it would also come with option parts (cover under arms as seen in the 1st picture).
  3. In fact, I much prefer the 21 other the 19, just because the 19 is too fat under its nose where the 21 is perfect
  4. If you look at the Master file, the wing "High-Speed" position cannot be applied to Battroid mode without modification. It is too far from the Battroid proportions (the folded wings would be too long compared to the legs length). I was looking on the Battroid mode and playing with the wing parts to position them in order to obtain the most accurate possible "folded wing" position for the Battroid. I ended up with this model: Going further, I obtained a figure where I was able to keep the Master file proportions in both Fighter Normal-Speed and High-Speed, and also to obtain the Folded wing position that I judged the "mostly anime accurate". There is certainly some way to make the model smoother and better looking in Battroid, and I certainly am impatient to see what Arcadia made already !
  5. When I looked at anime52k8 picture (the Master file one), I can clearly see how Arcadia can make the high speed mode without hassle: Change the wing rotating pivot to the position described in the master file, instead of the corner of the wing as made for the YF-19-Version 1. Doing so, it makes possible to fold the wing when transforming and snap back the wing in the both positions (normal and high speed). In version 1, it was impossible because the wing was extruding. See picture attached. In Version 1, the pivot was made so that the wings (once folded) in Battroid mode were mostly anime accurate. The major main issue that I can see, is that changing the wing pivot according to the master file, makes it more difficult to obtain an anime accurate Battroid mode. I am working on a picture that explains that, I would update asap
  6. The Hasegawa kit is not accurate to the high speed mode: there is a gap between the wing and the fuselage and the wing is also not align. see pict attached
  7. Is this a final canopy color ?
  8. Amazing work, the gerwalk stance is so exiting in these pictures! The bottom of the batroid mode looks more anime accurate too. Very nice design and small efficient improvements. Small notes -the wings doesn't seem to fold in for High-speed mode -back landing gears seem to be vertical -the front flaps seem to have the same rotating mechanism as the V1, which tends to become floopy overtime. The flaps mechanism developped for the VF-4G is much more robust -Weird canopy openning, you will have to disassemble the nose to open it just like V1
  9. Seems that Macross fans and supporters won't be rewarded with discount anymore for pre-ordering... I also got fedup by NY inflated prices (still low compared to scalpers prices), and the other shops low stocks on Macross Bandai... I was waiting for AE to release the VF-25A because they generally give a 10%-15% discount, but no more discount since the renewal series.
  10. This is not only High-Speed mode, but also a glider mode. It is seen in the OAV and Movie. The fact that the YF-19 has variable wings makes it cool and this plane is not intended to have fixed wings in fighter mode. I can see how difficult it will be to make these wings to slide back, but this is part of the challenge of making new tooling and molds. At least Arcadia could make something like transforming out the wing to put it in reverse mode and lock it back in fighter mode...
  11. This is the most amazing news since VF-4G!
  12. The VF-27 has always been my favorite Valk from Frontier, let's have some fun with these Golden week > Pre-order race again!
  13. the fin could be guessed from this picture source AE webshop
  14. I vote VF-4K I would love painting service, but still a little less obvious different shade of grey. Considering panel lining and coat finish, I think everybody has a preference between dark or light panel lining, same goes to clear or matte finish ! Your work is inspiring, this is a beauty! EDIT: At current state, I would take one in grey, without panel lining and no coat, and another head unpaint, just in case of
  15. Such an aggressive look! This head is a must have upgrade for our VF-4G !
  16. Same tip from me, I had the left leg armor tab that couldn't snap in the hole where it was supposed to clip. I had to shave it gently with a nail file before it clips perfectly. Since then no more leg armor poping out
  17. Pictures coming? Nice, I can't wait to see your VF-4 custom
  18. To my understanding, -VF-1 means the plane -S or J type means different head (S is the head with 4 laser canons, J is the dual canons, A is the single canon head, D it will depend) -DYRL and TV version means different color scheme, basically hikaru TV version is the white with red stripes, DYRL is the white/red/black with skull markings -Hikaru means red color scheme, Foker means yellow/black, etc The latest releases of Hikaru's VF-1 that include the optional display seat and side covers are probably the easiest and cheapest 1/60 version 2 models to obtain today. You will have the choice between VF-1J Hikaru TV version and VF-1S DYRL Movie version Hikaru I live in Europe, and I usually recommend Nippon Yasan and Anime Export online shops. For the USA, I usually read good reviews from Hobby Link Japan. Regards
  19. I will also buy one beauty! But as I score near to 0 in paint skill, will it be molded in a grey shade that doesn't require a complete repaint ? Or would you consider to open orders for painted heads ?
  20. .YF-19 V3 with foldable wings for glider mode, anime accurate opening canopy and finer fuselage. .VF-0 A,S and D V2 with stronger joints in batroïd mode and a solid fighter pose. -VF27 upgrade parts for ankles and articulated hands if the renewal version is questionable. -1/60 vajras -Bandai makes landing gears as well as Yamato's ones
  21. Should it come with articulated finger hands and a new hip to assemble!
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