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  1. Damn hopefully the preoder window is long enough for milia. I missed out on Max. Good to see CF at HLJ. How come these guys never get Bandai stuff that last long time??? They have so much gundam junk but no macross toys. Sickening.. Not in a good mood. I already missed that last sale and didn't get my Roy VF-0S. Oh well at least the money went to Monster so I can't complain. It would be good if these guys got re-releases fo late-comers.
  2. received my MK II Monster today in the mail. Some of the best joints ever. I'm never going to put this one back inside the box. It just looks too badass to store away. The "ting" noise it makes when you move the ankle to the side is sort of relaxing.
  3. Recently ordered a MK II Monster. Couldn't resist it. This will probably end up on sale at HLJ one day at half price I bet because people only buy the hero mechas. It was my fave destroid of all SDFM. I'm still pissed at myself for missing out on Super Max VF-1J. I kinda wish there were high quality bootlegs of these toys like there are for masterpiece transformes lol It's just such a pain to obtain anything from bandai relating to macross unless they are the background pilots.
  4. Done. Added the 1/48 VF-1S guide. Keep me updated by putting guides here for when all the newer toys get them and I will add those too. I wonder if one day Arcadia does 1/48 v2 (about the size of what VF-0 toy is) with all the things 1/60 v2 line had? (more balanced proportions in each mode) I felt the 1/48 was still superior to 1/60 in some areas like the FAST PACK attachment for example. Every time I see "Sandman", I think of the guy on youtube with that username that does the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) videos that speaks about western women being entitled and how you need to survive by hiding all the money you saved up if you wish to be happy person. lol Every day he posts a new video with a robotic voice explaining female manipulation tactics. XD Welcome to MWB. Keep making those videos Sandman. The subtle 'jedi mind tricks' of the gold digging monkey-branching hoes can't affect me. (my wallet belongs to the valks)
  5. True but being able to fly to get at close range has to count for something. Old Monster's feet are glued to the floor petty much.
  6. God how hard is this toy going to be to get? Is it going to be like Ozuma VF-25S where it took ages for reissue? It's all just based on luck again isn't it? BTW still haven't even stated watching the series yet so I don't even know who the cool guy is that everyone wants first and becomes an absolute pain in the butt to obtain. Might watch some eps now actually. IS the series better than Frontier? VF-31 looks like it doesn't need any strike cannons or super packs. Have destroid bomber pilots with thick armor finally been upgraded to fly with Valkyries like we all dreamed could happen one day? (think of it as a combination of the boob fighters mixed with the destroid tomahawk) Or does Kawamori only think Valks should be allowed to do that? Do pilots actually die in this series like old gundam and original macross shows or are virtually invincible super heroes like Macross 7?
  7. So want to own one. Do the cannons droop or are they clicky joints for vertical and horizontal posing? This is one of the Himetal I think I would have preferred if they let us assemble it despite being a toy. This could save on shipping,
  8. I missed that HLJ sale. Just my luck. Will have to put this on the 0A until they do another Roy release. Bought a PS4 so that's why it took me ages to get around to buying that one..Himetal toys are also competing for my wallet's attention too. But it helps that those are not easy to get anyway.
  9. Wil await reviews first. It might break easily. Being smaller = more fragile.
  10. Will buy after the boxset is available. Finally they understand that we want eng subs. I bought the frontier movie just to show support for eng subs and wilk continue to do this with any future Series.
  11. I've been away from the boards for a long time: Want to buy a VF-0S. But all of them are gone from HLJ.com So is there any hope that this will this get released again? Not sure I want to risk going with amiami. Got a 0D and OA but not a 0S. Grrr..
  12. I am kinda happy for the delay as I still have yet to buy vf0-s. As for Full Armor VF-11, I say please make that happen but make sure those joints can handle it. And undersize the giant gunpod that the armored vf-11 uses. Its way too huge imo. I do like the idea of oversized mechanical "man" hands. It balances the look of the robot and makes it look more anime-ish.
  13. My advice is keep 1/60. Buy HiMetal But just get major valks not the rare ones. Sell you house. Live in sewers like the ninja turtles. Then you'll have loads of money to buy macross toys living off pizza.
  14. Old monster is cool but can you imagine how slow it is to turn? Koenig got circumsiced but it can probably turn faster due to short barrels and hover ability.
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