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  1. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-054843 Got 1 just now on Amiami
  2. I guess enough for Skull Squadron would be OK. Do we know if they will ever release the TV version set?
  3. Har Har I'm debating how many more super and strike part sets I should get. I have 2 already and was thinking maybe just another 2. I don't know the road map with this line, you would think Bandai would just go hard and release anything they can...
  4. I shipped it to JP, I have a friend there.
  5. Just decided to order a pair off of Amazon JP. I guess it wasn't that big a hassle and definitely cheaper than NY.
  6. Damn, I missed it again. I'm still on the hunt for a Max.
  7. I was ok with the factory fresh paint scheme, but I have to have at least one of these weathered ones.
  8. I thought I read that some people that had multiples from Bluefin had their orders cancelled. I only ordered 1 and the order is still there. I think I should have tried one of the other ones too but I have so much stuff I have missed recently so my focus is kinda all over the place.
  9. Well I was supposed to get two, but Amazon cancelled one of my 2 original orders from the first round. If I would have gotten both I'm sure I would have opened it already.
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