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  1. I’m planning on watching Stardust Memory when I land back home Thursday.
  2. Opened for Inspection, never transformed SOLD can only ship to the Continental US
  3. DX VF-1S Roy, DX VF-1J Hikaru, DX VF-1A Max added.
  4. The Monster has just been added. The HMR VF-1’s have been sold. DX VF-1’s available.
  5. Ridden001

    Hi-Metal R

    I think HMR and the 1/72 vf-1 models were basically released to fund research and design of the DX VF-1. The extra extension at the intakes is from the model and there are many elements of HMR in the transformation of the DX. HMR would cut into sales of more premium pricing on the DX. It’s a damn shame, but I think when we saw the paint scheme change on the VF-4, we also saw the death of HMR. it’s obviously just an opinion, but ever since the DX line started rolling, HMR started dying.
  6. If you have 4 detolfs, Lay a fifth detolf horizontally across the top, it should line up perfect. You just have to use some type of adhesive or attachment to keep the glass shelves from falling since they will be vertical. And you would want to mount it so the door opens up and not down.
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