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  1. Yes, I plugged in the cannons and they still did work. I think if they sanded down the joints a bit, they would work. The parts which light up, the joints fitted perfectly, I am very disappointed. I hope Sideshow would do something like this. The QC would be much better.
  2. I also bought this set from BBTS, and mine came intact. I really like the the model, BUT.... Mine have similar issues, even though the set is correct: XX-1 and XX-3. XX-2 is a different set, but it is the base. I could not fully connect the two arms and the right leg to the body. I could not test the audio, because I don't have the AC cable. It seems like Kids Logic is lacking QC department. So disappointed. For the price of the model, Kids Logic could do much better. I emailed BBTS. and waiting for response.
  3. After seeing the pics, I am going to open and verify mine, this weekend.. I hope mine is ok.. Thank you for your post.
  4. Hi All, I am looking for the Minmay doll which is 50cm tall and was made by Yamato. If you have one and willing to let it go, please PM me with your offer. Thank you.
  5. Hi, So far, no luck. I am very optimistic. Could you sent pics? I'm interested in the dress set. Thank you, Th
  6. Hi, I am looking for both Yamato Minmay dolls 50cm in size. Please let me know, if you have anyone of them and want to part it. Thank you.
  7. Do you have Macross 1/48 Valks: 1. 1/48 Yamato Macross Urban Cammo Armor Parts 2. 1/48 Yamato Macross Low Visibility Wood Land Armor Parts 3. 1/48 Yamato Macross VF-1A Low Visibility Woodland Color 4. 1/48 All Yamato Macross VF Chronicle Valks... 5. 1/48 Clear parts... PM me the condition and final price (Include S/h + other fee, etc...), or if you want to trade, let my know. Thanks in Advance.
  8. Payment reveived. Thanks. Item shipped. Thanks.
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