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  1. Are we having the Super Dimension Convention for 2022?
  2. Yes, I plugged in the cannons and they still did work. I think if they sanded down the joints a bit, they would work. The parts which light up, the joints fitted perfectly, I am very disappointed. I hope Sideshow would do something like this. The QC would be much better.
  3. I also bought this set from BBTS, and mine came intact. I really like the the model, BUT.... Mine have similar issues, even though the set is correct: XX-1 and XX-3. XX-2 is a different set, but it is the base. I could not fully connect the two arms and the right leg to the body. I could not test the audio, because I don't have the AC cable. It seems like Kids Logic is lacking QC department. So disappointed. For the price of the model, Kids Logic could do much better. I emailed BBTS. and waiting for response.
  4. After seeing the pics, I am going to open and verify mine, this weekend.. I hope mine is ok.. Thank you for your post.
  5. No, not just Macrossworld but anywhere and everywhere. GREATEST Macross toy I have ever seen..!!! Lost of word....except "WOW"...HOLY-MACROSS POO...!!!
  6. I had one when I was a kid, and I messed it up within a week. It was/is pretty cool. Where did you get it? I want one...bring back memories...
  7. I got a New in box VF-11B for $58, s/h included. Is that an OK deal? I have always wanted a VF-11b and a VF-19a. One down and one to go...
  8. Not bad both the 1/00 Valks and the doll... tempting...
  9. I try to collect all the first release 1/48 Valks. Are they worth the time and $$$ to search for them? Or the re-release versions is OK? Any suggestions? Thanks...
  10. Thanks Everyone... Really helpful...
  11. Now, I don't feel sooo... old...
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