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  1. Damn hopefully the preoder window is long enough for milia. I missed out on Max. Good to see CF at HLJ. How come these guys never get Bandai stuff that last long time??? They have so much gundam junk but no macross toys. Sickening.. Not in a good mood. I already missed that last sale and didn't get my Roy VF-0S. Oh well at least the money went to Monster so I can't complain. It would be good if these guys got re-releases fo late-comers.
  2. received my MK II Monster today in the mail. Some of the best joints ever. I'm never going to put this one back inside the box. It just looks too badass to store away. The "ting" noise it makes when you move the ankle to the side is sort of relaxing.
  3. Recently ordered a MK II Monster. Couldn't resist it. This will probably end up on sale at HLJ one day at half price I bet because people only buy the hero mechas. It was my fave destroid of all SDFM. I'm still pissed at myself for missing out on Super Max VF-1J. I kinda wish there were high quality bootlegs of these toys like there are for masterpiece transformes lol It's just such a pain to obtain anything from bandai relating to macross unless they are the background pilots.
  4. Done. Added the 1/48 VF-1S guide. Keep me updated by putting guides here for when all the newer toys get them and I will add those too. I wonder if one day Arcadia does 1/48 v2 (about the size of what VF-0 toy is) with all the things 1/60 v2 line had? (more balanced proportions in each mode) I felt the 1/48 was still superior to 1/60 in some areas like the FAST PACK attachment for example. Every time I see "Sandman", I think of the guy on youtube with that username that does the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) videos that speaks about western women being entitled and how you need to survive by hiding all the money you saved up if you wish to be happy person. lol Every day he posts a new video with a robotic voice explaining female manipulation tactics. XD Welcome to MWB. Keep making those videos Sandman. The subtle 'jedi mind tricks' of the gold digging monkey-branching hoes can't affect me. (my wallet belongs to the valks)
  5. True but being able to fly to get at close range has to count for something. Old Monster's feet are glued to the floor petty much.
  6. God how hard is this toy going to be to get? Is it going to be like Ozuma VF-25S where it took ages for reissue? It's all just based on luck again isn't it? BTW still haven't even stated watching the series yet so I don't even know who the cool guy is that everyone wants first and becomes an absolute pain in the butt to obtain. Might watch some eps now actually. IS the series better than Frontier? VF-31 looks like it doesn't need any strike cannons or super packs. Have destroid bomber pilots with thick armor finally been upgraded to fly with Valkyries like we all dreamed could happen one day? (think of it as a combination of the boob fighters mixed with the destroid tomahawk) Or does Kawamori only think Valks should be allowed to do that? Do pilots actually die in this series like old gundam and original macross shows or are virtually invincible super heroes like Macross 7?
  7. So want to own one. Do the cannons droop or are they clicky joints for vertical and horizontal posing? This is one of the Himetal I think I would have preferred if they let us assemble it despite being a toy. This could save on shipping,
  8. I missed that HLJ sale. Just my luck. Will have to put this on the 0A until they do another Roy release. Bought a PS4 so that's why it took me ages to get around to buying that one..Himetal toys are also competing for my wallet's attention too. But it helps that those are not easy to get anyway.
  9. Wil await reviews first. It might break easily. Being smaller = more fragile.
  10. Will buy after the boxset is available. Finally they understand that we want eng subs. I bought the frontier movie just to show support for eng subs and wilk continue to do this with any future Series.
  11. I've been away from the boards for a long time: Want to buy a VF-0S. But all of them are gone from HLJ.com So is there any hope that this will this get released again? Not sure I want to risk going with amiami. Got a 0D and OA but not a 0S. Grrr..
  12. I am kinda happy for the delay as I still have yet to buy vf0-s. As for Full Armor VF-11, I say please make that happen but make sure those joints can handle it. And undersize the giant gunpod that the armored vf-11 uses. Its way too huge imo. I do like the idea of oversized mechanical "man" hands. It balances the look of the robot and makes it look more anime-ish.
  13. My advice is keep 1/60. Buy HiMetal But just get major valks not the rare ones. Sell you house. Live in sewers like the ninja turtles. Then you'll have loads of money to buy macross toys living off pizza.
  14. Old monster is cool but can you imagine how slow it is to turn? Koenig got circumsiced but it can probably turn faster due to short barrels and hover ability.
  15. By the time of macross plus the whole inside of a cocckpit is a screen that wraps around the pilot to look in a wide area. So I don't think the head turret's main camera determines how much you can see at once. The sensor eye probably just provides the more powerful zoom lens for the head laser when shooting laser at range, and if that is gone then there are auxilary cameras. There is probably a "manual aim mode" so if a pilot wants to shoot an object without accidentally hitting other objects close to the target, then they can control the head laser for surgical shot. And the head laser is synced to the bigger camera in the head which might see further in higher resolution. (ie laser shot more accurate and precise than giant bullets from a gatling gun which probably has its own crappy camera in the gunpod) Do you remember when Dyson and Guld had a robot vs robot fight in Macross Plus in ep4? Dyson could see about 180 degrees around his cockpit. (his robot arm is clearly visible at his side when they show cockpit view) They probably learned their lesson and avoided that weakness of only relying on the head for seeing in robot mode. It makes sense given when you are in robot mode you are going to be up close and personal in combat so being able to look in wider field has huge advantage. No need to swish the camera left/right/up/down to see before reacting to threats. Another thing is the head laser doesn't seem to be used as anti mecha weapon in later macross shows but just as a gun to shoot backwards in fighter mode. The early vf-1 and vf-0 show it shooting micro missiles in bot mode but from macross plus onwards, it's just a secondary weapon to attack with. It probably has more accuracy than bullets but poorer damage at long range than gunpod/main energy/laser weapons so it's not used as often. (the defensive tech like pinnpoint barriers etc has probably gotten ahead of the smaller weapons in advancements and now it's just used mostly as an anti-micro missile thing not an anti mecha weapon.) You are better off doing a pinpoint barrier punch to stop your enemy at close range than trying to frantically burn his eyeballs out with the little laser cannon as he bum rushes you to tackle you.
  16. All armor looks good on skinny valks. It's a shame the anti UN didn't have their own armor for sv-51. Spiky gothic armor would have looked pretty cool if you ask me. Will this come with clown hands and the ability to hold gunpod while wearing reactive armor?
  17. Your wife probably scratched them with her long nails while you were not looking. jk The way I deal with the scatches is the same way I deal with diecast matchbox cars. I just don't touch it and only look at it and see it as display pieces more than toys. The smaller toys like HiMetal are the ones that you play with. Maybe collectors secretly like that the toys lose value if you open up the box because it drives up the cost of unopened MINT toys that they have stored away never to check if the toy is good? This allows them to up the price on ebay to desperate people. If the secondhand opened toys that everyone else owns have scratches on them it justifies to them why they can charge more money to sell the mint ones. (much like comic book collectors who keep everything in those plastic bags to preserve them) With trading cards (the rare ones) for instance if they have bent edges they are not as valuable as mint card that is sealed. A guy who doesn't touch it can think of his collection as "superior" to other collectors because it is as close to the way it was when first released.
  18. An angry zentradi zombie piloting a variable glaug, who valk-jacks a drunk pilot's vf-31 equiped with noise canceling headphones most likely. It is found that he is Guld's descendant and created Var to depopulate the galaxy so he could feel unique. (same story as the DC comic book character "Lobo" who killed everyone on his home planet to feel special lol.) After depopulating the galaxy he could reinvent his own culture and be the new culture God because nobody would be around to remember cultures that came before his. Zentradi tentacle hands would also make a comeback again and these would be used to control machines. He would be the most powerful villian in macross history until he discovers old tentacle porn comics from earth which reminds him of his first love and stops fighting. He then sings about his love for tentacle porn and destroys all his old followers for being stupid enough to follow him, and then he forces humans to make babies and breed again because he is lonely. End of macross. Kawamori creates a new mech show which is like macross only it's able to be available outside japan and avoid harmony gold blockade.
  19. Love vf-31a. Ozuma and Roy's clones probably pilot it. Inside the cockpit I bet there will be blood on the seat as we know whoever pilots grey valks is gonna get hit and bleed.
  20. Monsters were the true unsung heroes of space war 1. There was a episode where they ambushed kamjin by hiding behind some bumps in the dirt and surrounded him. Sure they probably took ages to move but 1 hit and your doomed. (DYRL shows how easy it was to slice zentradi ships into pieces with one) Anytime it took a step it could wreck the floor accidentally which I find funny. They should have equiped it with it own anti gravity thing to increase the speed and not destroy the environment so much.
  21. I like the look of the RA so far. Won't be able to get more than 1. Not unless I sell some other stuff to fund that. I'm kinda running out of space too.
  22. Oh and on my way to saving up for VF-0S soon. Probably get one in about a week from now. If it breaks, then I will be pissed but hopefully it has all the fixes. Don't really care about ghost boosters and other accessories like that. I thought the idea of putting a drone on the back of a fighter plane that can only stay in the air for 30mins is a bit silly to be honest. The extra weight only slows it down doesn't it? VF-0 still uses conventional engines so you'd probably be more deadly if the drone fought seperately from the valk and fly independently to attack by itself. Maybe in space it might not matter so much but in the air I don't see what benefit it had by having it stick to the back. (makes you an easier target to hit actually)
  23. Got myself a VF-0A. Will check out this hip problem thing people talk of. And to all those that get busted up toys. Ethics my butt. If you got a dud just get it replaced, and let the manufacturer take the loss. You are the good guy for punishing poor worksmanship and forcing companies to not release crap that is over priced. In fact I think you are actually the bad guy for choosing NOT to replace the toy with one that isn't defective. Because if you don't complain and don't do anything, it actually encourages them to do it again instead of fixing it. (you have they toy collector equivalent of "battered wife syndrome" AKA "Stokholm syndrome" where you don't like the abuse but still sympathises with them instead of the suffering of the victims) They know you are easy to please and won't care if they don't improve next time since it won't affect them financially. Speaking/voting with your money is how you deal with them. It's the old saying of "money talks, bullshit walks" In the case of macross collectors you gave the money expecting quality, so pulling it away when you don't get that, sends a positive message to them that you don't want poor build quality and that there is no market for overpriced stuff that is built to break easy. If you pay high price then you should demand premium build quality. Now I know a lot of you will disagree with my opinion (I am open minded and willing to be convinced that I am wrong when I see evidence proving it) but in all civilised nations this is the law of the land and the standard most people on planet earth go by. If you get ripped off, you actually WANT that company to fail until it stops sucking, and then the reward for not sucking is good reputation and good will. I'm not talking about the legal system and how it differs between one country to another and technical crap. I am talking about good business-customer relations. If it was a member to member selling something that has poor craftmanship and one guy gets ripped off you can bet the community will complain about that guy's behavior for not supplying quality or overcharging when it comes to seller recommendations. The same should apply to toy companies too. (it's also a good idea if you review toys to let the audience know things like how much it cost so they can rate the quality-to-cost ratio of the item) Now that I have offended the fanboys who want to bend over for their fave toy companies rather than just give praise when it is merited like normal people do... I'd just like to end this post by saying "bring on the reactive armor already!" This is really the most exciting release for mac zero toys since the other stuff apart from the 0D was done a long time ago. With only 1 new toy a year release, the wait between releases is agonizing. Hopefully if the sales of this go good, they might revisit VF-11C from macrsoss 7 and see if they can do the full armor. I loved that but it was never done by yamato. Cannon fodder valks always get screwed thanks to dying all the time onscreen...
  24. Saw the demo first episode. whoa this is starting to really go back to macross zero levels of magic again. Remember the floating rocks and the shamanic priestess levitating and the phoenix valkyre rising from the sea? I think of this new show as the public usage of that but more with science than magic. Face it the two things are starting to converge. If they itroduce another ghostbusters-like mad scientist this could be renamed the official "macross 7 II" What would be interesting is if the magic girls were in fact cyborgs so they don't care about danger as they can upload their consciousness to backup bodies. Unlike Basara they can die each episode in horrific ways for humour but they come back again in new body to show that thier songs will live on long after they die. Boomerang microdrones could be brainwave controlled and act like extensions of their own body. So they have direct connection to machines and move with quick reflexes to any danger and this allows for complex group formation. The skills that basara needed as a human are like second nature to cyborg now because of the new technology. If mac 7 was about healing people and inspiring them to create something for themselves so they don't eed to leech of other people like parasites, and macross plus is about doing things that have never been done before and taking risks to not be a derivative person who just copies existing things like the AI machines which have no soul, ...then I think delta will be about tolerating differences in cultures and the co-existence of different philosophy in how to fight against the hatred people have for each other. Sometimes there simply isn't a bad guy and it's all just your imagination so you become the enemy you claim to be fighting against. Just because something is different, and that different thing is not liked by you, does not mean it's bad. For all we know the var outbreak might be something beneficial to some people while negative to others since how we react to things is different. We are all unique in how we consume culture. You might hate loud music and see it as offensive and harmful to you (perhaps the lyrics of the author of the music are opinions you don't agree with) while others feel energised by it if they need to let off steam and the music gives them thier fix which prevents them from becoming violent. You may not like porn and find it offensive but those who are single with no prospects of finding a date are going to use porn to get off on the perverse in order to get some release without which might turn a pervert into a rapist. You may not like violence but violence is necessary to protect innocent people. All things which are seen as negatives to you could be positives to others. You may not like the thing you consume, but that doesn't mean its bad. It's ok to personally hate something but it should not be an excuse to destroy it. Perhaps you change your opinion over time and change? And like a zentradi, an awakening happens in you and you understand the other perspective and your views about something are not the same anymore? It could be about tolerating others rather than winning. (maybe have both sides kill each other off as a twist to all other macross shows beforehand and this leads into the reason the humans were alreay fighting wars on earth long before the aliens ever came to earth. That humans still can't get along with each other. So who are we to assume we are actually "good" when we were killing ourselves on earth so none of the old problems that happened on earth (way back at the beginning of SDF M when we were fighting global wars) were solved when we started to colonise other planets in space? Just because humans left earth and went into space that doesn't mean all those old problems of intolerance for differences in culture, race, etc and the natural greed to want to control others....were solved when we were given awesome technology. In fact it would only magnify those old traits of humans. And so the 3 way wars idea would be a great way to explain this. There are no purely good guys, just different perspectives. And the fighting is just disagreements in who is best rather than for bringing about peace. The only survivors would be the outsider, the apathetic ones who can look at this from a non-biased viewpoint because they have no stake in any of it. Sort of like the comedian george carlin lol. The main character who is happy just living his life doing whatever he feels like for himself without any selfish ambition or desire to outdo others and measure his dick with others is the anti hero. He doesn't matter. He is just the cannon fodder with lots of luck who happened to be in the right places at the right times rather than because he is the most skilled. (the anti thesis of macross where we like skilled pilots like Max Jenius because he is so good) The cannon fodder gets no love in any macross show, but this guy would be a cannon fodder who just fights to survive the crazy things all the anime characters around him do. (he's us - we don't care about pop idols, celebrity gossip, fashion or love triangle because the formula is stale but we accept it as the backbone of macross existence lol) The magical girls are the true heroes while the cannon fodder is the sidekick and only out of boredom does he decide to go along as unemployed guys with no skills are really not in a position to choose. And that's it. He's that ace pilot that rose up in the ranks because all the good pilots died killing each other and what was left were crap enemy pilots for average joes to fight. Due to constant fighting there was a massive skills drain as the best pilots are all dead - this would be a first for macross where the best and most skilled don't actually live - it would satisfy the thirst everyone had to see characters like Basara in macross 7 ACTUALLY DIE and not have plot armor protecting them every single episode
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