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  1. Welcome to Macross World where the only opinion you are allowed to have is that everything Yamato/Arcadia makes is perfection...until version 2 comes out, then the reissue, then version 3, then version 3.1 with option parts. And be sure to send a personalized thank you card to Bandai for the fake shortages last year that skyrocketed certain models 3-4 times retail; which has now inverted itself and you can pick up every recent release for less than retail. Also do NOT express any opinions along the lines of.... -These cheap Chinese toys are exactly that, cheap pieces of Chinese plastic crap. -Said cheap pieces of exploding Chinese crap are NOT worth retail, and certainly not worth more than that. -This entire forum is a full of morons who advertised that they were dumb enough to pay $300+ for a cheap piece of plastic in the "What would you be willing to pay Arcadia" thread (or whatever the crap they called it) so now Arcadia is doing exactly what the forum asked for and completely raping the consumer on pricing. -Macross 7 was made for children, lovers of really crappy music, and pedophiles. And no matter what you do do not EVER point out that when there is a valk shortage and an HLJ employee directly informs you in writing that they presold lots of 10 don't you dare suggest that we ask them to play fair and let everyone have a fair shake at getting a preorder! Because that makes you a complete a-hole for asking a retailer to treat the consumers with a little respect and not feed the scalpers (meanwhile the entire forum will do exactly what you suggested and it will cause HLJ to change their policies while they berate and curse at you for daring to make the suggestion they are hypocritically following). Man this forum is amusing. I still love Macross and I stop in here from time to time to see what's new out of curiosity, but I'll be spending my money on real toys like this from now on.... Paid for this bad boy with the sale of only a couple of my old Valks. And this won't disintegrate into crumbly pieces of plastic from simply sitting on the shelf. Ignore Davidwangychan's posts. He even send people PMs telling them not to have their own opinions; apparently dissenting opinions are tantamount to thought crime around here. And now for XrentonX and anime2KPedochan's generic, inane, and predictable replies to any post I make....oh, never mind, I blocked them so I can't read their vapid nonsense....
  2. Updated with new prices. Will be adding some new items over next couple days.
  3. Wow this is looking soooooo nice. I'm trying to get out of collecting so much but this makes me want to stick around. Maybe I'll sell off my Bird of Prey and Weathered YF-19 to make room for this new beauty.
  4. The Wave stuff looks sooooo nice. I am still kicking myself to this day that I missed the WHAM Patlabor Helldiver.
  5. My wish? Don't make anymore awesome Valks, lol! I'm trying to sell off most of my collection right now and while I can part with all my Bandai stuff I just can't bear to part with most of my Yammies.
  6. Curious to see how these turn out in peoples' collections given the rather unorthodox color scheme.
  7. The game is great fun if you like games like Capcom's D&D Arcade Games, Castle Crashers, Guardian Heroes, Golden Axe, Final Fight, etc. Stunningly beautiful and a basic yet very fun and fluid combat system, good online co-op (though no voice chat which is weird), and a nice ability/level system that carries over into later playthroughs (unlike Guardian Heroes where you level up for almost no reason as you can never max out a character and nothing carries over to the next playthrough). I've enjoyed it. As to the character figures I actually like the Amazon and Elf figures much better....
  8. Hey I remember Dangaio! And I still have the VHS tapes also. Solid old school mech series, maybe someone like Discotek will rerelease it one day.
  9. Saw this yesterday and enjoyed it. It completely is the setup for Riddick 4 and 5 which are already being planned. Very much Pitch Black 2, but won't stun you the way the first one did as it does feel like familiar ground. I did like the fact that unlike the other films you do get to see Riddick broken down and nearly beaten right from the start, and not just for a moment or two, and as the film progresses you can tell very much that it is leading in to what is next for the franchise. Not epic or amazing scifi but I am glad they got to do a third film and I'm excited that they want to move forward with two more movies to close out the character and the Necromonger storylines.
  10. Nice. I wanted one of these soooo bad once I found out about them. But by that point they'd long been sold out and the only one I could find at the time I think was a about a rand. I'll spend that on a firearm but not a model kit. Hoping Arcadia will revisit these one day...
  11. Did something just happen to indicate that Bandai might be doing this? Or is this all just speculation? And if so I doubt Bandai will bother with the original series given their factories can churn out cheap DBZ and One Piece figures at a fraction of the cost...
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