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  1. I have had this and never transformed it. I applied a few stickers but that was it .Other than that it's absolutely mint.asking 170 shipped in us mp if interested
  2. Sorry forgot price trying to get 125 shipped
  3. Hey I just recently received a gakken ride armor and well its a great piece but I thought it could use some revamping .I'm just seeing if there's any interest with a trade or a sale pm me if interested
  4. Coin a custom and in dire need of a stock or reprolabel sticker sheet for Scott gakken hit me up
  5. If you want pics let me know your email and I will have them too you quickly .I have 100 % pos feedback on eBay my names projecteden7 also I acquired the vf11b from Alec on here .
  6. I would even throw in a mint ex gear to sweeten the deal so 1 alto ex gear mint 1 vf11b mint For vf27 renewal
  7. I have a vf11b mint and am looking to trade for a vf27 renewal...please pm me if interested
  8. Price drop on vf11b I'd take 260 shipped in us or trade for vf27 renewal
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