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  1. Congrats Ted!!! And to all participants!!! I will finish for the next contest!!!
  2. That Nousjadeul-Ger is on another new level!!! Turned out great Ted!! Now look at my avatar to find out my favorite mecha 😄
  3. That Norbert is looking purty!!! Could not meet the deadline! But very anxious to see other submissions!
  4. This is exactly what I was thinking.
  5. It's a mini Arcadia VF-0. I mean it's like a shrunken Arcadia VF-0, same exact hands/fingers, same shoulder, elbow and hip joints (just to mention some parts). Not that I'm against it! The Arcadia VF-0 is one of the best VF toy out there!!
  6. 😄😆 i would like to mod a GBP chest armor to fit the 1D DX.
  7. Picked up DS-01 Starscream last week. Should receive a DX GBP armor form AE next week.
  8. Thank you for the new pics Noel!!!
  9. You are covered with the Maketoys Seekers. This Starscream feels premium in hand. It's completely covered in flat paint which gives it a great finish (but prone to scratching with careless handling). The paint application, fit and finish on my copy are perfect. Already know about the complex transformation but I'm having a lot of fun posing this figure.
  10. Tell me about it!! 🤢 It's taking me extremely longer than planned
  11. Left wing appears to be slightly warped so I'm cancelling too!
  12. Awesome news!!! Buy I also want Nousjadeul Gers and Queadluun Raus please! TV and DYRL. Yes to Mac Zero HMR!!!
  13. They should do 1/60 Armor for the VF-11
  14. I ordered Houquet at AmiAmi.
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