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  1. I'll be 106 years old by 2082. Hmmmm, I won't.
  2. Early morning one of my two cats decided to play with the HMR VE-1. Found it on the floor (took a 4 feet dive). Two pieces came off, one of the wings and the front part of the left foot. Nothing broke. The part of the foot that pivots is connected through a ball jointed peg.
  3. Forced the right foot of my HMR VT-1. That was the solution.
  4. Current leg armor:
  5. The stand adapter was kinda clear 4 years ago 🤣
  6. The HMR line in my opinion has two different quality and design approaches. You can divide it in two groups. First, the VF-1 and the VF-0S in one group of releases (not the best fit and finish) and then the other group where the VF-4, Destroids, Glaug and Regult all feel like T-Rex/Arcadia products in 1/100 scale (with much better fit and finish).
  7. Note all the internal details, and complete engine. This is how the first release Strike/Super Parts should have come from the start. The leg packs do have the internal details but Bandai glued them.
  8. Yes to all of them!!!
  9. There it is, top of the head. Seems there is enough clearence with the Fast Pack.
  10. Waiting notice from AmiAmi.
  11. Thank you for the link!!
  12. I see the ill fitted parts and wonky proportions now that I've got more time to examine the pics. Was initially excited to see the first completed kit. Duck has the skills to do it right so I guess Convectuoso can get his kit redone where needed. Looking forward to see more progress of your "Hemorroid" (actually I don't 🤣)
  13. Box art looking great, but I have the Yamato version. Would consider a PF.
  14. I'm always desperate for new pics!!! 😄
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