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  1. She's finnally here!!!
  2. The pic makes it look less pink than it really is. Would have prefered red but I can live with it 😄 Was more surprised by the metal in the legs which makes her balance just right. And all the joints are nice and tight. Facesculpt could have been better. All in all I give her an 8 out of 10.
  3. Looks really good. I have the regular MG ver Ka Sazabi and the RG. Both great kits. I personally prefer the look and proportions of the RG Sazabi (sorry for the poor quality pics).
  4. Got my preorder in through AmiAmi!!!
  5. Hope it's a typo. Guess we will soon find out.
  6. Not that I know of, but the YF-19 Arcadia stickers are thinner and less noticeabale than other Arcadia/Yamato stickers. Can't beat waterslide decals though.
  7. If you closely look at the proto, it's like a shrunken Arcadia. A lot of parts are the same, even the same elbow joints, cut at the hip joints, and many other parts.
  8. Where is the preorder button????
  9. Nothing Macross related. I wanted these figures ages ago!!! He Man and Skeletor Classics:
  10. It's the weakest facesculpt of the four characters.
  11. Yes!! Same here!! Total of $173 with DHL to USA for me. Can't wait to get it!!!
  12. Waiting payment request from AmiAmi!!!
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