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  1. Congrats!!! Beautiful birds, always good to have more of them
  2. It's a reissue, and it should have correct ankles.
  3. One would think Bandai should use the fixed nosecone, with the added tab. All new releases are fixed. It should stay this way
  4. Exactly!! I'm waiting for DYRL Roy.
  5. I tried the Strike Parts:
  6. I have a custom painted one:
  7. Yamato relased both TV and DYRL? version as 1/60 v2. For the 1/48 line only DYRL? jenius beat me to it
  8. Awesome pics Kicker!!! Keep em coming!!
  9. Same here, I don't need another 1J, hope we get the GBP as stand alone too.
  10. The 1J has grey visor in that pic. Wonder if it will come bundled as a set.
  11. Mecha porn!!! Will patiently wait for more pics!!!!
  12. Custom eye cameras on the 1S head!!!!
  13. There!! Couldn't have said it better
  14. The Arcadia VF-0S is the best valk ever released! Night and day difference with the Yamato version.
  15. More Mospeada is always better!
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