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  1. It really is his highest achievemet. This Legioss will be the center of my Mospeada collection.
  2. Awesome custom!!! One of my preferred schemes!!!
  3. Thanks for sharing Noel!!!
  4. Asked for HMR: Nousjadeul Ger (TV and DYRL), Queadluun Rau (TV and DYRL), Regult Scout and Tomahawk. Just because, why not???
  5. Don't know if I'll meet the deadline, but I'm having a blast building the Legioss!!! Mother of God is this kit detailed!!!!
  6. You are right!!! Second time I'm attacking this build 😜 I always have multiple projects at a time. Curently scratchbuilding a 1/60 Zentran soldier. Your builds, actually "works of art", motivated me to tackle the Surpreme Legioss. He's been neglegted for many years now I want to do it right so yes, I have little time. I'm cleaning and trimming the parts. Wish my photos were years old
  7. The VF-3000 and the SW-AXI Schneeblume are my favorite VF's. Have seen the VF-3000 pop up once in Yahoo auctions. Never seen the Schneeblume (IHP/Liquid Stone kit).
  8. I have a partially built 1/72 Arii Glaug (started it 20/25 years ago). I should strip it clean and rebuild. I can provide some pics against a HMR Glaug.
  9. Wanted one for my 1S Roy. I'm all in for multiple armors 😄 But I guess you are right, it's not the most popular add on.
  10. Standalone armor in stock at AE (if you don't want to pay scalper prices).
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