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  1. AmiAmi finally shipped my Focker and a DX missile set I combined with my order!!!
  2. First youtube unboxing/review I could find.
  3. I'm still waiting for AmiAmi, I have a missile set combined with my Roy preorder.
  4. Waiting for AmiAmi to process my order.
  5. Caved in and ordered a used missile set through AmiAmi (item A Box B), 6900 Yen. Combined it with my Focker 1S DX preorder.
  6. AE finally requested shipping! Y3990 to ship my SSP to US.
  7. Not yet Noel I contacted AE yesterday. My order of the SSP is still showing "our staff is packing your order as we speak". I'll give them a couple more days (I waited more than a year so a couple more days won't hurt) I'm sending my order to Miami so they should charge me more or less the same as your order. It's Friday 8:56 AM Japan time as I'm typing this reply, so they still have a business day.
  8. The status of my order (since last Fridays) is: "our staff is packing your items as we speak. when ready we will send you the total in your mail. You will recieve an mail when ready" I too hope they didn't lose my stuff Hi Noel!!! I've been checking my mail and AE account every hour I am anxious!!
  9. Have a question for the more experienced Anime Export users. I requested shipping last Friday (AE was closed due to time difference) but three working days have passed and my order stil shows "staff is packing your order". Haven't received the email requesting to pay shipping yet (I've checked my spam folder). Should I contact them or am I being too anxious??
  10. Wow!!!! I'm speechless, love the proportions so far!!!!
  11. Yes!!! We'll finally have our Strike Parts for Hikaru and we'll be able to ship the 1S Focker after release!!
  12. @MechTech @505thAirborne @Thom Thank you all!!! I cheated with the face (made a mold from an old action figure I had from when I was a kid). I am sculpting the helmet around it though. Watched a lot of youtube tutorials but gave up sculting my own head/face. Will try my best to document and post as I progress with the sculpt.
  13. Yes I am!! It's my first time scratchbuilding/sculpting a figure. It's my interpretation of a 1/60 DYRL? zentran (I'm doing it the same height as a 1/60 VF-1 v2. Well, a couple years ago (more than a couple) I started sculpting the Mospeada Iigaa and Gosu, but the Captain also started sculpting the whole Inbit line And Sean can sculpt any subject while he is sleeping so I put them on hold. Here is a crude mock up (I've done more progress since this pic)
  14. After almost one yeat and a half I've requested Anime Export to ship my Strike Parts (paid my order June 2019). No postal service to my country yet, but found a forwarder via Miami. They're packing my order now, so my Hikkie 1S will finally sport some armor. Will ship my Focler 1S preorder from AmiAmi through the same forwarder. Can't wait any longer. I want my plastic fix now!!!
  15. Here in Argentina (South America) it's 50% custom taxes. You also have to include shipping to calculate customs.
  16. So, I own the first issue DX 1J with the limited stand, and in order to get the GBP I need to get another 1J? Bought the first issue white goggles 1/60 1J Yamato back in the day. Then had to get another 1J with the grey visor bundled with the GBP. History repeats itself?
  17. Yes, there are other great HMR lines, but it will be a crime if we don't complete the Macross Destroid line.
  18. Seems correctly lengthened to me.
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