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  1. Awesome build! And just in time for the DYRL anniversary
  2. Like @Convectuoso mentioned above, I was also one of those who wondered whether a project of this magnitude can really be done. So when I was approached a little over 2 months ago to help this project, I was happy to pitch in. While I have put in considerable work to the project on my free time, I don't think I have done nearly enough as @ChristopherB has put in to this project in terms of all the time and effort spent on all the info, images and links related to any and all Macross kits ever released. He basically spearheaded the effort to its formation; the project wouldn't even kick off if he didn't start these threads. I think it's fair if anyone will raise any concerns about the usage of any info or images from their own collection. That said, I also feel like this could have been settled in private between the individuals involved. We're all adults here after all, I hope...
  3. Tweet basically says the the 1/72 VF-1 moulds are almost done. It also mentions that they are nearing completion of the test shots for the 1/20 Mirage kit. Finally, the tweet also says that the PLAMAX line will continue to make more Macross-related items/kits, and thanks everyone. Well the 1/20 PLAMAX Mirage's release date was previously announced as July 2020, so they're probably gonna post the full set of test shots for it towards end of May, if not early June, in preparation for its release. Not sure if production for the 1/72 VF-1 will start soon, as even if the moulds are almost done, it may still need to undergo some fine-tuning...
  4. Yeah, I was so excited at first when I saw his tweet, thinking "Oh boy they're gonna do a Roy too!" Then I saw his comment that he was merely modifying the Ichijo figure. Well I hope they do produce the PLAMAX Roy too.
  5. A friend sold some chibis and Guld's ride. Now I gotta find Isamu's.
  6. Delta-1 and ELINT Seeker A bunch of Federation GunPla as well.
  7. One of the most sought after books for a Macross collector - The DYRL? Data Bank. Yikes, that's unexpected... My friends who ordered the book also got DYRL film strips, so your copy is a bit of an odd-man out... Area 88 is a good series though, so hold on to those strips, and maybe they'll increase in value too as time passes
  8. The Gold Book also came with these, so it really was money very well spent
  9. My latest purchases so far over the holiday season. Wallet is still recovering in the ICU as of this time.
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