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  1. Saw the movie last night and all I can say is WOW. I won't ruin it for anybody but it delivered and some. Definitely had a couple Macross Plus-ish scenes in there.
  2. I'm thinking a TV Max and Miriya 1J with Supers are next or a DYRL Max 1A or 1S
  3. 🙌 thank you kind sir!! 🙌
  4. Hey @jeniusany idea when anymoon is gonna be back up? Gotta get my macross fix in! Anyways, appreciate all the content and the endless hours you’ve put in!
  5. It was a fun time. My brother and I went and there was maybe 4 other people in the theater. I prefer the M+ ova’s like others since it seems to have more action in it, but the movie does a good job packing it in all in 1 1/2-2 hours. Now they gotta show the other Macross movies in theater!!
  6. Got my tickets purchased! Only a 20min drive to the theater that's playing it. Can't wait to see Mac+ on the big screen!
  7. @no3Ljm I was going to but the reactive missiles cover the modex number when they are attached so I didn't bother.
  8. Gotta have the supers for all 31’s! 😉 Arad’s and Chuck’s are custom.
  9. I’m gonna keep my gray google Yamato version and still pick up the DX GBP. Gotta have both scales right?!?
  10. Thanks to @sqiddfor getting me hooked on the DX’s!
  11. We’ll be seeing you on the NY thread complaining that you didn’t receive your item soon!!
  12. They are from the 31F and the reaction missiles are from the 31C super packs
  13. I’m sure this has been asked before, but it Luna Park legit for DX purchases?
  14. Yep you gave me the taste of the DX 1/48 @sqidd!!
  15. Looks great! Too bad Roy died or we would’ve saw that in the show.
  16. Mandarake is the most accurate used Japanese toy site around IMO. They grade their toys really accurate and if something is wrong specifically with the toy or box they will mention it on there as you saw. In rare cases I’ve heard from others that if they found a problem with the item they are very responsive on the matter and will work with you on a resolution. FWIW, I bought a DX SV-262 and lill drakens set from manda a couple months ago (opened, package damaged) and it was near mint condition. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.
  17. And the red is too dark on that custom helmet. Helmet looks like hot trash. Glad you got your $$ back @sqidd
  18. I trust mandarake 100 percent over NY. I’d rather buy a used almost new copy at manda then buy something from NY and never receive it.
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