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  1. Super smooth transaction with @wjrmonkey! Enjoy the VF-1D!
  2. SOLD. For sale is my Yamato V2 VF-1D trainer (not the reissue). It is complete and comes with the box, directions, and unused sticker sheet. Valk has a shapeways shoulder replacement (see pic). Valk transforms fine with the new shoulder. Everything else about the valk is in great shape. It’s been displayed in my detolf cabinet in battroid. Smoke and pet free household. $150 + shipping with USPS priority. Add 4 percent if not using PP F&F. CONUS only.
  3. Shout out to @to177!! Super smooth transaction!! Enjoy the VF-1S PF!
  4. For sale is my Arcadia VF-1S PF Roy Focker valk with SS parts and box SOLD. Also comes with a TV Roy pilot. (Seated in the valk). It’s been kept in my cabinet displayed in fighter mode. Never has been transformed.
  5. @no3Ljm I was going to but the reactive missiles cover the modex number when they are attached so I didn't bother.
  6. Gotta have the supers for all 31’s! 😉 Arad’s and Chuck’s are custom.
  7. I’m gonna keep my gray google Yamato version and still pick up the DX GBP. Gotta have both scales right?!?
  8. Thanks to @sqiddfor getting me hooked on the DX’s!
  9. Another smooth transaction with @glane21!! Awesome communication!
  10. Quick and smooth transactions from @F360 and @Offswitch! You guys rock!!!
  11. Selling my spare set of DX VF-1 TV Super Parts SOLD. Please add 4% if not using Paypal F&F. Supers come in the brown shipper box sealed. I'll add pictures later today.
  12. Looking for a used or new Bandai DX Max 1A.
  13. We’ll be seeing you on the NY thread complaining that you didn’t receive your item soon!!
  14. If you have a spare used or new Hikaru Bandai DX VF-1J let me know.
  15. They are from the 31F and the reaction missiles are from the 31C super packs
  16. @sqidd About time you came around on the 31A!
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