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  1. FINALLY my MacZ F-14 is in US customs! Can’t wait to get this bad boy in hand!!
  2. Just recently bought a Yamato VF-0A Shin Type off of Jungle. Only needed it for the ghost and armaments. So whats for sale is the complete valk with missles and pilot. The box is included and has some shelf wear. For sale $150 + shipping. I'm on the SS list. Only ship to CONUS and please use paypal F&F.
  3. @Blackaces Now can we get a Mac Z Anti-UN MiG-29 Special please!!
  4. That looks amazing! Can’t wait to get mine. Still stuck in China.
  5. That guy is legit! I just picked up Roadblock, Snake Eyes, and Scarlett. I need to get this dude!
  6. Has anyone seen any retro line figures at your local Walmart yet? I’ve been checking the two I live by regularly and no dice.
  7. I would rather not even have one then give a dime to NY. Don’t do it. Go with HLJ if you need to.
  8. Same here! It’s gonna look sweet with the ocean diorama!!
  9. Any body have any movement on their MacZ Shin Special? Mine is still stuck in China.
  10. Completed the plus shelf with the X-9! Finally!! Thanks to @sqidd for looking out for one!
  11. Macross plus shelf finally complete with the X-9!!
  12. That Enterprise is awesome!! I might have to pick that up!
  13. @Jasonc thanks for the info. Picking up one of the hand drills for sure!
  14. So have you guys experienced the holes for the pins to go through the landing gears are not hollow? If so, what did you use to drill them out? Dremel? Drill? Kinda at a stand still with this X-9.
  15. Got my notification too!! Super pumped!
  16. Super smooth transaction with @Offswitch! Super friendly and quick shipping!
  17. Oh man that is so sweet! I can’t wait to get it and display it with the VF-0’S. Now if they could make a Mac Z MiG too that would be really cool!
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