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  1. @ErikElvis The ghost fits fine on the Arcadia but the armaments are pretty loose. I have them installed very carefully on my PF 0S.
  2. It’d be cool to see a SV-51 PF, but they gotta release the all the regular versions first to milk the mold. I agree, an 0A PF would be nice!
  3. Oh man! That would be great if they showed some progress with the 21 at the upcoming event.
  4. That chunky monkey has some real premium finish going on!!
  5. Oh man! Finally! Color looks spot on!!
  6. Such a sweet looking bird! So worth the wait!!
  7. Yes! Black arrows!
  8. Lol right! Yeah could always make some decals up but yeah they’ll come out with a Hikaru version too down the road
  9. Easy solution take out Hikaru from the DX 1J and put them in the 1S with Supers. What drives me crazy is when people put supers on Hikaru's 1J when he never had those on there in the series. lol
  10. Typical Bandai though. They release movie version SS parts and now we'll have to wait a while after the TV Roy for TV Supers. Ugh.
  11. I mean I’d be some rando cannon fodder dude that gets lit up in the first episode...but there wasn’t an option for him so I chose Hikaru!
  12. Oh man a tv Roy!! Even better! I think this one might get me to get in the 1/48 game!
  13. Man that mode looks great!! Might have to pick one of these up eventually.
  14. Yeah if Bandai nails battroid mode on the YF-21 that would be a win for me!
  15. That’s looks amazing!
  16. And that’s why Manda is my go to!
  17. @Lolicon that shot with all the 25’s is awesome! Great work!
  18. Yeah I agree about the diffuser but it’s better then nothing.
  19. Finally got the lighting installed for my SDF-1’s.
  20. @borgified I like the 1/48 but I don’t have the room for them and I like all my valks to be the same scale. BUT.. The new Bandai DX’s are sure tempting.
  21. If I was on the 1/48 train I'd be snagging one of those low viz! The stealth and low viz are so awesome looking. Wish they made those color scheme's in 1/60
  22. Just got mine out of the box! Loving the dark navy blue of this bird!
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