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  1. Shout out to @bruinsinla!! Super friendly and such a smooth transaction!
  2. Such a smooth transaction with @dur!! A great member on MWF!
  3. I’m thinking Bandai is done with the VF-31. Maybe supers for the E and S but it could be a while for another valk.
  4. Very impressed with these led boxes! Makes the 31A shine!
  5. @Xigfrid looks great! I'm in when you are ready to release it!
  6. Shout out to @sumyumgoy! Helped me out with getting a HMR VF-1D!! Smooth transaction and quick shipping!
  7. Definitely snagging the YF-21 and the YF-29 full set since I sold mine off a couple months ago!! Can’t wait!
  8. Yep hope they do a full set pack release like the YF-19. Fast packs, fold boosters, etc. etc.
  9. Looking for a complete used or new Bandai HMR VF-1D.
  10. @arrow They did make the tan/brown VF-25A super parts. They have a few on Jungle for purchase if I remember correctly.
  11. Finally Scored my last 25. Such a sweet looking bird!
  12. My top five are : 1. VF-25S with Armor Parts 2. VF-1S with S&S parts Focker 3. VF-31A 4. VF-0S 5. YF-19
  13. @davidwhangchoi loves his VF-1’s!! Congrats! Still debating on going down the 1/48 rabbit hole.
  14. This is what to showed @sqidd about. I thought I’d be sweet to make one with the un spacy kite logo with red leds instead of the transformers logo.
  15. @sqidd Once you get a price you I’ll be down for two and you wouldn’t even have to ship it to me.
  16. Kickin the tires on the 31J! Always like to support another Michigander.
  17. Selling a Bandai DX VF-27y Renewal Berera Version. Doesn’t come with the super parts as i took them for my 27b other then that it is complete. Valk is in great condition. Box has some shelf wear, Asking $140. Plus shipping to CONUS. SOLD
  18. @Xigfrid That is sweet! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  19. @Saburo you beat me to punch on that photo! I just thought about doing that with all 4 a couple days ago but with the 1J instead of the 1S. I love the 25S armored up!!
  20. @Xigfrid Any updates on the X-9? I’d love to have one some day!
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