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  1. Just watching some Delta in my office!!
  2. Ditto. The 171 is a hot mess of exploding triangles! I got rid of all my 171’s because of that reason. 262 is complicated to transform but nothing breaks apart in doing so. Just be careful of the gold trim scratching off.
  3. The TV version is the real OG! DYRL is so blah color wise. Either way it would be nice to have an updated TV SDF-1. We will probably never see it unless some line of the Robotech / Harmony Gold side of things creates it. I know kitzconcept teased one a year or two ago. Colors were kinda off on it tho.
  4. Shout out to @glane21! This dude is the real deal. Sent out the VF-1D the same day I paid for it. Couldn’t ask for a better transaction!
  5. Looking for a complete Yamato 1/60 VF-1D v2 trainer. Preferably the 30th anniversary edition but I will consider the first release.
  6. Looking for one complete. Thanks.
  7. Thanks @SuperHobo for the smooth transaction and the fast shipping on the YF-21!
  8. I know the 1/60 v2’s had a movie and tv version. Idk about the 1/48. The TV version comes with the TV hands, Pilot and the areas are bright white on the valks whereas the movie has more of a off white color.
  9. @sqidd 1A CF’s did have supers In DYRL. They showed them mounting the SP’s in the last battle.
  10. Another successful and smooth transaction with @Corrinald! A great Straight Shooter!
  11. Thanks guys. @sqidd I need to make it over to your place to check out your amazing collection!
  12. Finally got my Roy 1S PF! Love the little details on this bird.
  13. Looking for the first version with the fast packs.
  14. Maybe a possible PF VF-0A? I wouldn't mind that!
  15. Picked up these Joe 25 anniversary Box sets up at a local toy show today!
  16. Looking for both. Complete and good condition would be great.
  17. @sqidd You are correct. Roy was dead before the supers were on his ride. Hikaru was fitted with them later in the series. Another difference are the arrows on the head of the 1S are black on the TV version and yellow on DYRL. Kites were on the supers, no strikes, and super parts were a different color. I’m pretty sure the Yamato TV version came with fixed posed cartoon hands.
  18. Couple options out there for you at Mandarake and Jungle. https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/344640 https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1044457361&ref=list&keyword=vf-25&lang=en
  19. Looking for a new or used complete Arcadia VF-1S PF Roy Focker.
  20. @Jaustin89 Now it you could make the reaction missiles to go with the adapters that would be amazing!
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