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  1. I will wait for the PG with accompanying led set..🤪
  2. Not too far fetched to dream abt a HG VF-19 kit mebbe(?).....but a bit of a stretch if bandai would do some various custom variants for the VF-19...
  3. ^this! a nicely priced mini display
  4. Looking forward to see if bandai would do armor parts as well for the 25 as part of their HG line..heheh! instabuy that one... With delta series more or less done(?) having frontier picking up slack in macross merch would be a natural fit (popularity and bandai maybe being conservative in the current/future economic climate). Also until the next(?) macross series...wonder if kawamori-san would still be interested in continuing or passing the baton.. And if bandai would announce HMR for frontier.... so many questions!
  5. HLJ got exclusive rights to sell it internationally out of japan? Or margins on kits to be razor thin, so shops like hobby search or ami choose which kits to carry? Pure speculation here anyway.. But there were reports of scalper prices appearing in amazon JP..first time for a macross kit?...😂
  6. Thanks, sure helps being a collector of all merchandise japanese, being able to read kanji/hiragana/katakana. 👍 👍 *not to mention 2023 and 1.😂 and for everything else, there is always macrossworld
  7. Yeah went w HLJ since its just a kit and any savings wont be too significant... on another side note...looks like the next HG might be a 29...
  8. WHAT?! Its available for pre-order?! 👌👌 Thanks @Kevin C *silly me saw winter 2023 as next december 🤪* ok will see if anywhere else is cheaper but HLJ seems good...
  9. Ah missed the fins being on the outer side of the leg in that pic! Mind went automatically with opening missile bays...hmm yeah not sure whats the point of showing that panel open, maybe just as a parts separation like mentioned... Thanks all for the clarifications. 👍
  10. already smelling the squadron builds! that CF looks yums!
  11. Looks like the hop joints have the ability to flare out so the legs have more bend clearance .. really like this dynamic pose 🔥🔥 bending down pose 👌 missile leg parts also can open..👌 Yeah where is the pre-order button already! *1 year...plenty o time...🤪
  12. I imagine bandai's engineers putting together something (sticky tape(?)) to replace the parts-forming for HMR 😄 A perfect transformation at 1/100 would likely need metal parts to stand the stress .. i dont thk bandai would do a perfect transformation at 1/100, but maybe as close as possible to a perfect transformation... would be interesting to see them attempt it for HMR plus (if ever)...
  13. bandai testing the waters/ prepping the base mold for HMR perhaps?
  14. In the wild looks cool....rear tail fins look small-ish compared to hinges but hey its a kit.... liking the on the ground pose... gunpod looks a little on the large side...but hey...
  15. HG YF-21 and.....VF-11.......dare i dream it...
  16. every time there is a new yf-19 product this plays in my head... updated with mikumo😄
  17. Don't have the WWM version of the 25 so can't say if there were any fixes in that area. It just looks more like the way its transformed for the photoshoot though.
  18. Lets see....spot the differences... 1) SMS markings on leg shin are now centered compared to last. 2) No step markings now on the wings.
  19. columbo approves! Congratz @Shawn on a rare valk score!
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