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  1. Macross maintenance has disassembly of certain parts. What i am thinking of is a complete disassembly guide for every valk. Of course that can only be written by someone who has done it. And not to mention the time and energy required to put such a complete guide together. So...if it happens it happens.. Note: Might be an entire section of its own..or maybe a subsection in the workshop ...but thats mixing with other model builds etc....another story all together...
  2. Your comment made me listen to the samples on flying dog's page. I suppose it would be harder to harmonise 5 singers into songs originally written for a duo, rather than the other way around?
  3. There ought to be a collective macross disassembly thread... as part of the charm of macross valk toy collecting..
  4. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Dear bandai..i so do not want one this. Do not ever consider releasing it.
  5. Are you sure you want to put it back? Arrange it nicely and it looks cool as a disassembled display set..😅 Hmm...there is a wave model kit eh...hmmm....ok i take it back...getting a model kit would be cheaper for that...😅
  6. thats a 1/72 right? Hmm...yeah would be interesting to see how it scales with the HMR..
  7. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    oohh did they tease an integrated HS anywhere yet? That would be nice...... if it does have integrated heat shield, i hope it stays flush to the cockpit and not like the vf-2ss battroid... else if its a parts-swapper, well you gotta have something to justify the 'cheaper than a 1/60' price right? 🤪
  8. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Lets see if there are hardpoints on the fuselage. If there is maybe a ghost set would be in the works? Ghost set with missile effects would be nuts...
  9. Maybe bandai marketing was watching this before approving the advert...
  10. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=UutcbpAKPNF
  11. Cool to hear i wasnt hallucinating! 😅 Those flight scenes got me itching in my seat......I feel the need...the need for speed!
  12. bandai be thinking.... hmmm..did we flood the market a bit with 2.5 (as in 2 stand-alone armor and also a bundle set) releases? *checks if all sold out....yup* naaaah...all good! 😄 *meantime* .... WHERE ARE the VF-31 SUPERS FOR 31A/Arad/chuck Bandai!...
  13. RIP to a legend. The O.G. I was first exposed to his work on crisis and teen titans. And then onto wonder woman....etc.. Amazing amazing art. Power packed panels. The face expressions in the death of the flash - crisis #8 will stay with me forever... https://marswillsendnomore.wordpress.com/tag/george-perez/ has a nice collection of perez body of work.. RIP sir.
  14. From what i saw on the flight scenes from that 'mystery' trailer, yeah i can some what relate to some of the reactions... (disclaimer: initial reviews bias/marketing and all that in mind)
  15. I saw a top gun trailer before the dr strange movie started and it seemed to not be like any of the other trailers shown before. There were much more aerial combat scenes between tom and the squad, with the push-ups as punishment. It was awesome with the wingman trying to tag tom whilst dogfighting with the other f-18! i dont know if that was an exclusive trailer...i cant seem to find it anywhere!
  16. ARMY OF DARKNESS + SAM RAIMI + MARVEL = DR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. action from start till end. i would rate it 4 out of 5. most thematically jarring from the usual marvel movies..
  17. The way bandai showed the vf-0 last year but no sign of any release dates for it, shows how much bandai are into HMR. HMR MF for that matter would probably need to wait till HMR M0 gets out of the way first too...
  18. because of this....https://www.instagram.com/p/CciUY-3v7c0/ maybe this will be next/soon release? edit: what a coincidence to rank up to bomba on this post!
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