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  1. Star Wars Black Series Dark Trooper x4. Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian and Grogu Maldo Kreis. Star Wars Black Series Droids Boba Fett x2. Star Wars TVC Reva Third Sister. Star Wars TVC Darth Vader The Dark Times. Star Wars TVC Boba Fett Morak. Star Wars TVC Axe Woves.
  2. https://tfsource.com/hasbro-transformers/crasher-deluxe-class-transformers-legacy-velocitron-speedia-500-collection/
  3. Yeah it's a good idea. I'm glad that the remaining members of Depeche Mode are still making music and putting out tours. Their concerts never disappoint. One of my friends in college introduced me to Rammstein and I saw them in concert. It was pretty cool. Lots of fire and a crazy "act". My favorite songs were Du Hast and Engel. I also loved the chick's voice. Speaking of Rammstein and Depeche Mode, Rammstein did a cover of Stripped. It was ok.
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