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  1. https://dorksidetoys.com/products/marvel-legends-exclusive-comic-quasar-6-inch-action-figure https://dorksidetoys.com/collections/new-pre-orders/products/marvel-legends-exclusive-comic-baron-zemo-6-inch-action-figure
  2. I still have my Robots In Disguise Scourge so I think that will be my Scourge.
  3. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    Along with everyone else who has mentioned it I'm also fine with minor part swaps.
  4. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    I’d definitely buy a HMR Macross Zero Monster MK IP with as many parts that they can reuse from the SDFM Monster MK II.
  5. Yep. Every HMR VF release has been milked one or more times except the Armored Valkyrie so there could be at least a VF-0A to go with the VF-0S.
  6. Do you mean a Kree Sentry in its own packaging? They've released a BAF Kree Sentry. Jigsaw is listed at Walgreens. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/marvel-legends-series-marvel's-jigsaw/ID=300425352-product
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