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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Excellent organization @nightmareB4macross.
  2. sh9000

    1/55's revisited

    They all look great @nightmareB4macross!
  3. Red Alert is available on Walgreens' site. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/transformers-transformers-generations-war-for-cybertron:-kingdom-deluxe-wfc-k38-red-alert/ID=300419960-product @M'Kyuun I too am looking forward to Beachcomber, Bombshell, Brawn, Ratchet, Snarl, and Frenzy. Nice Stunticons reviews @mikeszekely. Happy Belated Birthday.
  4. I already have multiples of these but they're cool and they were on the pegs asking me to buy them. Hot Wheels 1/50 1989 Batmobile and BTAS Batmobile and Batwing.
  5. sh9000

    1/55's revisited

    @nightmareB4macross If you have the red VF-1S head is there any chance you can check how it looks on a Joons red VF-1J body if you have one opened? Thinking about this variant.
  6. Oh like this?
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