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Found 6 results

  1. Up for grabs - It's case fresh Yamato 1/60 VF-0A Shin/Ghost Booster Valkyrie from my personal collection! Brand new, never been transformed! I won't bother describing it as all of you are likely familiar with this fine out of production piece! Asking $325 shipped within the USA. Paypal personal payment accepted otherwise, please add 4%. International shipping extra! Please PM me if interested. regards Kevin
  2. From the album: happy_spike collection

    Update 2 of my Bandai Fighter Collection (mostly series 1 with a few series 2) at my desk at work.
  3. Hello all, it is that time of year to start buying some gifts for the family and the holidays which is why I letting go of some of my valks. I have had these for awhile and now they need to find a new home. Please take a look. I have for sale two ghost QF-2200D-B, one Ghost QF-2200D-A which has some dis coloration on it, a VF-0A, and a VF-0S. I would like to sell the ghosts and valks as a set for completeness which is why I am offering this: If you buy a valk and ghost together, I will subtract $25 of the price. The boxes of the VF-0A and VF-0S do have some shelf ware but that is how I got them. All are MIB, smoke free home, and complete w/stickers. US buyers only and buyers pays shipping and paypal fee. I only accept paypal as payment. Thank you for looking and contact me with any questions. - VF-0A: $220 SOLD - VF-0S: $230 SOLD - Ghost QF-2200D-B: $70 SOLD - Ghost QF-2200D-A: $40 SOLD CAO: 20 Feb 2014 All items sold, please remove post and thanks to all that were interested.
  4. Hello all, this is my first post so be kind, lol. I am looking for a VF-0(A, D, or S), Please let me know if anyone has an extra they are willing to trade or sell. For trade: I have a Toysrus Masterpiece Soundwave with all accessories and Ravage, Rumble (2x) and Frenzy (2X) cassettes (never been transformed, just opened to verify contents, Original Owner) No longer Available A Macross Plus VF-11B v1 plus cash A Macross VFX 2, VF-19 plus cash
  5. SOLD for $175 shipped. Selling my VF-0A MIB. I already have one so I don't really have the space for two. It's off to Ebay starting at $150. Feel free to bid: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130903581503 If there aren't any bids and you want it, I'll send it for $170 shipped. thanks Condition: Shoulders are fantastic. I've transformed it with no issues and had it displayed in Battroid in my detolf shelf. Transformed it back to get it into the box with no issues. Head laser is broken off. I have both pieces and removed the head connection piece if you wish to repair it. Still looks cool without it. Nose antenna is broken but still attaches, so it's shortened down a bit (See Pictures). Otherwise in fantastic shape. Tight joints. Awesome display piece in fighter or battroid. Complete with weapons, super packs, sticker sheet, instruction manual, great looking box, Pilot, missles, stand attachment, ect. I'm asking $175 shipped in the united states! I think that's a fair price even though it has a broken piece, considering the market these days and shipping would be about 10-15 bucks on me. Gifted paypal payments, or add 4% for paypal fees. I have good feedback as a buyer and a seller in the SSL.
  6. So I just moved to new, smaller apartment. And sadly some of my valkyrie must go. I welcome offer, but please no low-baller!! All items is shipping included, I accept payment from paypal only. And ship only to your paypal confirmed address. I only ship in the US, and no PO.BOX please. Please add 4% for paypal fees, unless sent as gift. Please read the description for more detailed info on the item. Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-1d Hikaru & Minmay, item been transformed twice and just displayed in fighter mode. No visible damage on the item. Lowered to $100 shipped!!! SOLD Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-0a Shin Kudo with ghost booster. The box has seen better days, there is some dent and damages around the corner. The item itself is in great condition except for one of the spikes under the nose cone is broken, but it's not visible in Battroid mode. Rarely transformed, stays in Battroid mode most of the time. No problem on the shoulder joints. Asking for $180 shipped. SOLD Macross Yamato vf-0a. Item is in great shape, no visible damage. Shoulder joints are tight. Box are in great condition as well. Very rarely transformed, since I have the vf-0a Shin Kudo this one stays in the box most of the time. Asking for $150 shipped. Will post pictures later. Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-1j Hikaru. Only been transformed once, and just put back in the box. It's like brand new. No visible damage on the items. Asking for $150 shipped. SOLD Macross Yamato 1/60 vf-17. I bought this item used during my vacation in HK few months back. Never had a chance to transform it. Only open it to take a look, and didn't find any damage on the toy. Asking for $250 shipped. SOLD If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you
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