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  1. Because of an address error....return2kit->France->Return2kit->France..... finally he landed this week 🙂 Thank you Captain and Return2kit !
  2. Ohh Thank you very much 😀, i will check with a friend who's have a printer.
  3. Thank all guys and thank you Derex, i apreciate your opinion 😀
  4. Hello this is measurements, do you think that is possible?
  5. Hi Marc, i started these kits long time ago and i forget the green color... but it's Humbrol or Revell. For the Blue, it's particular, i didn't know so i asked to "Cool8or" wich color he used for his one, it's "Mr Color 72 intermediate Blue" Bastien www.robotechcollections.fr
  6. Thank you. I have the 1/8000 SDF-1 kit but it's not my priority, later perhaps. Yes but only 1 minutes in boiling water and straighten out with hands 🙂
  7. Hi Guys! i started these 2 kit long time ago but the life.. never time.. Well the wait is over!, i am proud to present MY version, the "Nupetiet-Vergnitzs" Double Impact version !!! The normal version is from "Scale Solutions", the second is... shuttt... 🤐 More pictures on my site
  8. Well, i have 3 Beta Fighter who's have the mechanism of hip Broken. Yet i didn't transform them more than 3 o 4 times ... i tried to repair with glue, a hot glue or rubber but it's not good ... is there someone have a better idea? someone can try to create in 3D for printing?
  9. Dread 2 is interesting but I'm not sure we can find enough people to pay for this
  10. Don't understand your answer, i didn't wanted escorts set 🙄
  11. Haaa Captain , Always a wonderful job After my green (thanks to display it here ), i already have a second Garfish kit in stock who's wait me so ... I can't participate this time ... but I still follow your work with always a great pleasure! Bonne continuation ! Bastien
  12. Ohh Very very interesting post... And if i bought a lot of robotech toys, am I going to be burnt at the stake?
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