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  1. Dread 2 is interesting but I'm not sure we can find enough people to pay for this
  2. Don't understand your answer, i didn't wanted escorts set 🙄
  3. Haaa Captain , Always a wonderful job After my green (thanks to display it here ), i already have a second Garfish kit in stock who's wait me so ... I can't participate this time ... but I still follow your work with always a great pleasure! Bonne continuation ! Bastien
  4. Ohh Very very interesting post... And if i bought a lot of robotech toys, am I going to be burnt at the stake?
  5. Hello Captain, Can you remember to us the shpping cost ?
  6. And what are your sources? rumors ? Robotech is over ? it's a fantasy of Macross Hardcore Fans... Do you really think that Robotech fans will love more Macross if HG lose the rights? Robotech is not only the heritage of the "saga macross", even if Big West recovers rights in some countries, there will always be Robotech AND Macross. These are two different way since a long time ... and we must not forget that HG will probably never lose the rights in the USA. However, be patient, with BW rights, Australia will have all Macross series in english langage soon :-)..
  7. As promised, here is the comparative picture, left after 3000, right before 3000, not really beautiful isn't it?
  8. Realy Exceptional.... I SHARE !!!
  9. i think that was the first 3000 units. I amn't at home but i can take picture later.
  10. No. But it's a design problem no manufacturing :-)
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