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  1. Because of an address error....return2kit->France->Return2kit->France..... finally he landed this week 🙂 Thank you Captain and Return2kit !
  2. Ohh Thank you very much 😀, i will check with a friend who's have a printer.
  3. Thank all guys and thank you Derex, i apreciate your opinion 😀
  4. Hello this is measurements, do you think that is possible?
  5. Hi Marc, i started these kits long time ago and i forget the green color... but it's Humbrol or Revell. For the Blue, it's particular, i didn't know so i asked to "Cool8or" wich color he used for his one, it's "Mr Color 72 intermediate Blue" Bastien www.robotechcollections.fr
  6. Thank you. I have the 1/8000 SDF-1 kit but it's not my priority, later perhaps. Yes but only 1 minutes in boiling water and straighten out with hands 🙂
  7. Hi Guys! i started these 2 kit long time ago but the life.. never time.. Well the wait is over!, i am proud to present MY version, the "Nupetiet-Vergnitzs" Double Impact version !!! The normal version is from "Scale Solutions", the second is... shuttt... 🤐 More pictures on my site
  8. Well, i have 3 Beta Fighter who's have the mechanism of hip Broken. Yet i didn't transform them more than 3 o 4 times ... i tried to repair with glue, a hot glue or rubber but it's not good ... is there someone have a better idea? someone can try to create in 3D for printing?
  9. Dread 2 is interesting but I'm not sure we can find enough people to pay for this
  10. Don't understand your answer, i didn't wanted escorts set 🙄
  11. Haaa Captain , Always a wonderful job After my green (thanks to display it here ), i already have a second Garfish kit in stock who's wait me so ... I can't participate this time ... but I still follow your work with always a great pleasure! Bonne continuation ! Bastien
  12. Ohh Very very interesting post... And if i bought a lot of robotech toys, am I going to be burnt at the stake?
  13. Hello Captain, Can you remember to us the shpping cost ?
  14. And what are your sources? rumors ? Robotech is over ? it's a fantasy of Macross Hardcore Fans... Do you really think that Robotech fans will love more Macross if HG lose the rights? Robotech is not only the heritage of the "saga macross", even if Big West recovers rights in some countries, there will always be Robotech AND Macross. These are two different way since a long time ... and we must not forget that HG will probably never lose the rights in the USA. However, be patient, with BW rights, Australia will have all Macross series in english langage soon :-)..
  15. As promised, here is the comparative picture, left after 3000, right before 3000, not really beautiful isn't it?
  16. Realy Exceptional.... I SHARE !!!
  17. i think that was the first 3000 units. I amn't at home but i can take picture later.
  18. No. But it's a design problem no manufacturing :-)
  19. From my experience, since the first realease of Scott version, i saw and checked many MPC Alpha, there wase some little problems but i don't had many big problems except the fact there are fragile, you have to handle them carefully taking your time. The only one where i had some break parts is the Shadow version, coqpit wings are very fragiles... No, the worse wase come later, Aoshima versions were worse....catastrophic... I have never seen so many problems and yet Aoshima had pushed back the release date 2 times! The half that i received were unsaleable... But i used them for make some custom Alpha :-), Yeah the QC was always a problem and Aoshima versions was very very bad. I don't want to talk about first version of Maia, it was a shame to sell such a crap... However, in my opinion (and perhaps Jenius will give us his opinion), with the improvements from aoshima, the re-issue of Maia is the best of all, QC was not perfect but it's the best of all.
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