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  1. I would recommend trying to get your money back through Paypal, your CC or your bank if you can, before its too late like a lot of people. They are total scum and they fukked so many people, just look in here: There's also a FB page created for all the people they screwed: https://www.facebook.com/groups/271395437813426/
  2. The nacelle assembly is bonkers just like the rest of this kit. There are no reference tabs of any sort for these parts. The chillers have small pegs, but that's it. My hats off to anyone who not only builds these but lights them as well. Mocked it up, but there is nothing locking down any of these parts, they're just sort of free floating and I have to eyeball whee to glue them down. I don't feel a tremendous amount of motivation to finish this thing, lol! I'll git 'er done though eventually. Lots of filling.... Lots.
  3. Interesting. The instructions for this version don't call for them, but they are in the parts pile
  4. Waiting for someone to tell me to go be poor somewhere else......
  5. Is it one of those HG Masterpiece Veritechs?
  6. Lol, I'm out. Comments turned off, 1.5k likes, 1.2k dislikes at this moment. Solid pass for me, it looks like....well, let's just say its not for me. He-Man is dead.
  7. This was fun lining up. Stealing the shuttle for later use. Not going to see this behind the closed bay doors anyway. This three piece neck is the only thing attaching the saucer to the secondary hull. Sounds like a job for super glue or epoxy. There is nothing marking the alignment of the shuttle bay doors.... Just going to have to eyeball it and hope for the best. It's a bit off but close enough. A little trimming, and maybe a bucket of bondo. Good place to put a seam.... Took forever trying to make it less obvious. More filing and sanding.....
  8. Actually, it comes with an insert for the dual impulse domes, but truth be told, I prefer the larger single one.
  9. Haven't built anything all week, maybe more, so I finally have something on the workbench. Nothing exciting report though, just another AMT Star Trek kit. I really wanted to do a Macross build, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the 1/48 Strike yet. Need more practice. Anyway, what's in the box. The thing is huge compared to the Refit. Comes with shuttles you'll never see. The only raised panel lines are on the bottom of the nacelle and some other minor details. At this scale, they don't look horrible, but on the 1/2500, it looked like a ribbed Trojan. I might cut those shuttled and figure out a way to display them outside of the ship.... Let's see if I'm not too lazy to do it. Look at that AMT Star Trek precision fit! Apparently retooled extra detailed parts? Different bridge domes for different versions of the Excelsior. G-Cal Aztecs The kit decals do not come with the strong back decals, and neither do the G-Cal decals. Feeling pretty lazy lately, I don't think I feel like masking and painting all the blue bits, so I ordered the Polar Lights Aztecs anyway. Guess I'll have a complete set of decals for a second ship then (Polar Lights Aztec kit comes with two sets of Strong backs... One blue, and the other blueish green.). Anyway, not a proper AMT Star Trek build without copious amounts of cursing... Stay tuned.
  10. I remember their enamels were good, but thay was ages ago.
  11. Oh, I saw that vid! This is a cool one too, painted in DYRL colors:
  12. Yes, a Macross kit!!! I feel really bad because it's been ages since I last built one
  13. That is a skinny gun/rifle... Reinforce with brass rod or no space?
  14. That sounds like a colossal PITA
  15. @Thom Lol, it's true, if you zoom into my work, you can see a lot of seams that I miss. It's pretty sloppy work compared to you guys. That being said, once in a while I build something that makes me wonder how the hell I managed to do that. @pengbuzz Oh man, that larger DX toy in the picture really needs some personality. It looks so sterile, lol! @wm cheng Did you weather your DXs? I was wondering if I had the guts to do that. I saw a few guys painted their landing gear and bays, did you post any pics of your custom DXs? @Bolt Oh man, I stay up all night sometimes and roll into work in my pajamas.....literally since I work from home now. Compound that with the screaming kids, diaper changes.....I drink gallons of coffee just to stay awake at meetings, lol.....so brutal.
  16. Well, I really hope they phase them out rather than eradicate. I can't imagine how hard it would be to wipe out an existing army of seasoned veteran clone troopers with a handful of new hires that can't hit the broad side of a barn, lol!
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