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  1. Ok that makes sense. Spoiler tags for a while longer then. I know they changed a few things from the 1984 version, but I'll see for myself whenever I get around to seeing this remake.
  2. Oh man, the pics didn't look so bad from my cell phone, but I'm looking at the pics on a larger computer screen (which is bigger than the model itself) and I missed SO MUCH STUFF....yikes, the overlapping decals, a lot of paint runs (capillary run from the panel liner under the decals). It doesn't look nearly as bad when viewed in person.....from a meter a way, lol!
  3. Honestly, I might just go for instant gratification and try to source the 1/200 Bancroft RC, lol!
  4. I saw that movie! The few moments where Yamato actually appeared on screen was done beautifully, I just wish there was more screen-time for Yamato. I have a few Yamato models but I don't have the confidence to build them yet. The PE work......skill-wise, I'm not there, and effort-wise.....well, I'm lazy AF so I don't know if it will just kill the experience for me, lol!
  5. I got mine off Amazon.co.jp for 35,000JPY plus shipping and import fees. I think my total was 43,305JPY which works out to about $471.89CAD Probably one of the more expensive toys I have, but it's not like I go around throwing money at toys like this all the time. Considering the stand-alone 1J prices are a bit bonkers right now (or at least they were the last time I checked), I think it wasn't too bad. I love the box cover getting the stand alone ones as well since I can actually see the toy while still on the box. For my Canadian friends, check AJ once in a while because periodically you get a seller willing to ship to Canada.
  6. Man, I was really hoping to see his Villeneuve's take on a 3rd stage Navigator. I haven't seen it yet, might try to sneak out of the house and watch it this week. Are we concerned about spoilers? I think most of us are here because we've read the books, or seen the 1984 film or the miniseries? I clicked on every spoiler message and didn't see anything that surprised me, lol!
  7. Few shots with other 1/1000 ships. Just need to figure out Photoshop so I can delete the stands, lol!
  8. AMT 1/1000 USS Excelsior done. Finished with GCal Aztec Decals meant for the Enterprise B, and a hodgepodge of parts from both NCC2000 and NX2000 versions, so not screen accurate by any means. The kit was hard for me to build, lots of gaping seams, lots of filling and sanding. I built this model entirely without magnification so there are a lot of errors, please do not zoom in, lol! Glad it's finished, don't think I would ever build another one, hahahahaha!
  9. I got some EZ Line for a few battleship models I have in my pile!
  10. That wood Vader is bonkers, holy. Looks amazing.
  11. This is awesome! Been trying to track down an old Monogram 1/32 scale BT kit and not have to pay over $100 USD, lol!
  12. That looks awesome, I think I read somewhere, some online technical manual that only two were deployed aboard the SDF-1? There's one of these kits for sale on the local Craigslist, wants $460.
  13. The Excelsior is 1/1000, and I think it's a retooling of the old one because the saucer and secondary hull have recessed panel lines instead of raised ones. The nacelles still look like a ribbed condom with the raised panel lines, but I think they are fine enough not to really draw major attention.. That F15 looks amazing, the stencil, wow. I have a few fighters in my queue, but I've never really ordered aftermarket parts for any of them. Might consider it those engine nozzles are amazing.
  14. Holy crap man, your pilot actually looks like it's FROM Star Wars, no clue what that thing is ERTL included with the kit, lol!
  15. I've never added detail to a wheel well, might I might give it a try on my 1/48 VF-1 if I ever get around to it.
  16. Oh, I think I have one of those in my pile somewhere.
  17. Oh. Ice, I have yet to Mr. color, but might give it a go. I'm using Stynylrez right now.
  18. Well, at least she smells nice. Few coats of Pledge floor wax and tomorrow the wallpaper decals.
  19. Sorry guys, been kind of a ghost lately because of work, kids, and a new thing going on that I can't really talk about yet, lol! Anyway, I managed to squeeze in some time with the Excelsior. Photo dump time Don't remember if I posted this, but this model... I swear I never got so many cramps with my trigger finger when firing real guns. I didn't even measure the ratio, just eyeballed it because I just didn't care anymore. Looks ok? lol, first time painting a pinstripe. Not that impressive, I know. Saw it in a photo once....are they supposed to be that color? Stripe turned out not horrible.... UNTIL I realized there is supposed to be an even thinner strip that goes with it. Shaky hands adding detail, lol, don't zoom in. The nacelles were a huge pain in the butt. Held entirely together with CA. Are there decals that go between. The pylon and hull? I'm beyond caring at this point. Beside my 1/2500 WHICH I completely butchered. Man, I hope this thing doesn't turn out to be a total POS.
  20. Woah, isn't that the kit that put Capt America on the map? I remember when he was still prototyping it. It was and still is absolutely epic, can't wait to see the progress on it!
  21. Sadly (for me at least), there are no life size Blue Thunder replicas apart from what's left of this: I think the original filming helicopters modified back to their original form, sold off and eventually crashed somewhere.
  22. I think there are a few life size replicas/props in various museums:
  23. Privately owned Airwolf.....probably non functioning:
  24. This is true, I don't remember the music from the film or the TV show. Airwolf soundtrack was a win.
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