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  1. Oh, I think I have one of those in my pile somewhere.
  2. Oh. Ice, I have yet to Mr. color, but might give it a go. I'm using Stynylrez right now.
  3. Well, at least she smells nice. Few coats of Pledge floor wax and tomorrow the wallpaper decals.
  4. Sorry guys, been kind of a ghost lately because of work, kids, and a new thing going on that I can't really talk about yet, lol! Anyway, I managed to squeeze in some time with the Excelsior. Photo dump time Don't remember if I posted this, but this model... I swear I never got so many cramps with my trigger finger when firing real guns. I didn't even measure the ratio, just eyeballed it because I just didn't care anymore. Looks ok? lol, first time painting a pinstripe. Not that impressive, I know. Saw it in a photo once....are they supposed to be that color? Stripe turned out not horrible.... UNTIL I realized there is supposed to be an even thinner strip that goes with it. Shaky hands adding detail, lol, don't zoom in. The nacelles were a huge pain in the butt. Held entirely together with CA. Are there decals that go between. The pylon and hull? I'm beyond caring at this point. Beside my 1/2500 WHICH I completely butchered. Man, I hope this thing doesn't turn out to be a total POS.
  5. Woah, isn't that the kit that put Capt America on the map? I remember when he was still prototyping it. It was and still is absolutely epic, can't wait to see the progress on it!
  6. Sadly (for me at least), there are no life size Blue Thunder replicas apart from what's left of this: I think the original filming helicopters modified back to their original form, sold off and eventually crashed somewhere.
  7. I think there are a few life size replicas/props in various museums:
  8. Privately owned Airwolf.....probably non functioning:
  9. This is true, I don't remember the music from the film or the TV show. Airwolf soundtrack was a win.
  10. I'll be honest though, as much as I loved Airwolf as a kid, I preferred Blue Thunder. There is something about that utilitarian military look, repurposed for urban law enforcement, lol! Sorry, I know this is the Arirwolf thread
  11. Yeah, that thing is gorgeous. Will be sleeping in it if my wife ever found out I dropped that kind of coin on an RC.
  12. Yeah it's not just you, the Bandai pilots are malnourished for sure. The SDFM pilots are even worse thant the DYRL versions because the flight suits are inherently smaller.
  13. That's pretty bad. Not sure why the tail is removeable as a gimmick, it's not like there is any additional detail. The guns, launchers and engine don't appear to be painted, just solid block of 3d print. The way the removeable canopy comes off, you'd think for $450, the doors would open properly. Sliding seats.....I'm out if they don't recline and aren't heated. This thing should cost no more than $75 USD. I'm not even sure I'd pay that much considering the gaping seam lines (which aren't even in the right places). The comments baffle me. I can't believe there are people that think this is awesome.
  14. I think you forgot to put the cradle for the boosters on for parts of the video, that's why the boosters/backpack flopped back.
  15. As a student of Japanese swordsmanship, the Kenshin live action films were unwatchable. I really liked the fight scenes in the OVA Trust/Betrayal. Even though it was anime, the physics seemed to be mostly grounded in reality, but the live action films just went straight to the chambara and wire-fu.
  16. The Yamato mold doesn't look that bad next to the DX. If the Yammies elimited stickers and everything came tampo'd, I bet they would still sell....as long as they were cheaper than the Bandai offerings.
  17. I want to do the same, to recreate this scene: I did it in 1/72 scale but I'm not sure if I can find the space to do it in 1/48.
  18. Want: Can't tell if the hatches/missile covers are hinged or fixed.....guessing fixed. I hope Hasegawa fixed the hips on their battroids....oh, and shoulder joints too. Looks like there won't be any legs under the leg armor (makes sense, why bother): But you can tell the feet mount straight into an armor shell. Would have been nice to at least see the the bottom of the legs, again, not something that's really noticeable unless you're looking directly for it or from the bottom view. Overall, looks really good and I want one.
  19. Lol, that is awesome. Yeah, none of the original designs were very discreet if translated to the real world. Something completely forgiven as a child and completely forgotten as an adult when chasing for screen accuracy. Jazz: Prowl: Mirage: The pics could go on forever, but yea, none of these cars are discreet, lol! As a car enthusiast, the R33 is an eye sore, it has nothing to do with transformers at all. Maybe they were going for the LM look: For the folks that are into Fast and Furious or the Bay films, the GT-R in the group pic might be ok, but for automotive enthusiasts, it's pretty hideous, lol!
  20. About bloody time, I almost forgot about this show.
  21. I think the person who modded that R33 should be charged with crimes against humanity. They were going for the JGTC look but failed. If they built that thing from a pile of scraps, fine, but if they did that to a perfectly good R33, there's a special place in hell for them.
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