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  1. Airwolf Belisarius Productions/Universal Pictures, 1984-1986, 2005 Created by Donald P. Bellisario (Magnum P.I., JAG) Running Time: 55 minutes per episode (110 minutes for the pilot episode) Rated TV-PG for violence and mature situations. CastJan-Michael Vincent as Stringfellow Hawke Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012) as Dominic Santini Alex Cord as Michael 'Archangel' Coldsmith Briggs III Lowdown A private organization known as "The Firm" has developed the ultimate military weapon. Codenamed "Airwolf," this sleek helicopter is capable of flying at speeds in excess of Mach 1 and is armed with the most sophisticated and lethal weaponry ever developed. However, things go wrong when Airwolf's creator destroys the Firm's headquarters and runs off with the helicopter. Three months later, ace pilot Stringfellow Hawke is recruited by the Firm's chief Archangel to travel to Libya and recover Airwolf. In exchange, Archangel will help Hawke locate his brother St. John, who has been missing in action for over 14 years. In addition, Hawke brings in his old friend Dominic Santini to aid him on his mission. They have less than 48 hours to bring Airwolf out of Libya, if they don't want an all-out war to occur. And so begins the legend of Airwolf - a tale of espionage and pulse-pounding action involving a customized Bell 222 helicopter. Jan-Michael Vincent delivers a no-nonsense role as the show's antihero Hawke. Shortly after Hawke takes Airwolf with him, he keeps it away from the Firm's grasp. In exchange for more clues to his brother's whereabouts, Hawke and Santini embark on more dangerous missions - many of them involving the Soviet forces. Sadly, like many top TV shows in the '80s, Airwolf met its demise within its third season. Vincent developed personal problems to the point where he was kicked out of the show. As a result, the cast was completely revamped and the show went completely downhill. But now, you can relive the glory of the show's first season in a two-disc DVD set. The 11 episodes in the set may look pretty grainy and the audio is still in mono, but hey - $29.99 (Best Buy price) for 10 hours ain't too bad. If you grew up watching Airwolf, then go get this DVD. And while you're at it, save up for the 1/48 diecast. Rating: B+ DVD Extras: F If Universal gave Miami Vice and Knight Rider the royal treatment, why not Airwolf? Reference The Internet Movie Database
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