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  1. His build does look good though. I would dare say it looks less awkward that Bandai's newest 1/72 Variable
  2. Oh yeah, the thigh joints.... That looks like a lot of work. I did the same arm thing for my chunkies just for ease of paint, but it left them a bit floppy. Can sort of see it here. Talk about a mangled mess, lol!
  3. Ok, I did the joints on my 1/72 chunky Battroids sort of like this guy did for his variable:
  4. OK, as I suspected, the variable kit would probably use up a roll of masking tape. With all the joints and sections captured in other sections, I always take forever to figure out how to fill the seams and get paint onto parts trapped in other parts. Battroid looks good.... I think I have another Hasegawa in the pile somewhere
  5. Tank treads! When I saw the picture on my phone, the image was hard to make out, but I thought those were supposed to be the feed belts for the link ammo into the gun. EIther way, it looks awesome, all of it. I don't understand, competition finish. Your builds have always been competition finish, at least to me.
  6. TOS and NX done On the right is what's left of the TOS I built as a kid 35 yrs ago. I did that 1/2500 not that long ago so this is the 3rd TOS I've done. Second NX. That little one is the 1/2500 that came with the Enterprise set. Again, the G-Cal decals were awesome. The Aztecs are visible from one angle, and invisible from others. Such a lazy build...hard to unsee the seam lines once you know where to look. I didn't fill a single seam line, lol! OK, this was also not my proudest build, but in my defense, I wasn't even going to build it At least I mostly got rid of the seams between the pylons, but I missed a bunch of others. The purists should have a meltdown after seeing this. I know, the nacelle end aps are from the Pilot, lol! My three 1/1000 Enterprises.
  7. I wish I had the intelligence to light this kit. Just watching the Pledge cure. Flat clear later tonight.
  8. Oh nice, ok, I should build a Macross kit next.... Seeing as how this is Macrossworld, hahahaha! Bandai Variable! I have two of those and I have such little motivation to build them, lol! Maybe if I see you build yours, it might egg me on.
  9. I thought about that too, but I noticed that the Aztecs are visible from some angles and not from others. It's an interesting effect and hard to pick up on the camera. Let's see how it looks once the flat clear goes on, I still have another one of these kits if it turns into garbage after
  10. OK, hang on, let's see if I can make any sense of this Palp is Annie's daddy. Palp is Luke and Leia's grandpa Pal is also Rey's grandpa So is Rey Kylo's aunt or cousin? And who is Rey's uncle-daddy again? That guy who got about 5 seconds screen time in that last movie right?
  11. TOS mocked up. Of course I broke the tab that keeps the Starboard nacelle on. Crazy Glue and Putty and Star Trek kits go so well together. Got these decals from Gus Snipes. Absolutely amazing decals. They sucked right in without any decal setter. I may have requested decals a bit too light, probably should have gone with the medium or darker set. I think Gus' decals are even better than the kit decals.. Back to the TOS....these decals are actually not studio model correct.... Can anyone say why? 🤣 Something else to trigger the screen accurate purists. I never liked the domes on the ends of the nacelles SO I'm using the tail caps from the pilot. I was even tempted to use some of the pilot decals. Shame these weren't carried through to the production version. More to follow.
  12. Who loves hardware now? Hahaha! Sooo...... You have belt ammo running through the feeder there? Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if you did.....
  13. Yup. If that's the same kit my kid got, there is no nutritional a value in there whatsoever, lol! He also has the sushi kit, as well as the donut kit.
  14. Oh tell me about it. I honestly can't tell what's going on with the gridlines on the saucer. I think the rest of the ship definitely did not have panel lines anywhere, but the hot debate is the saucer. Pretty sure this was pre-Smithsonian restoration. Apparently it was "touched up" sometime after the original series stopped filming and that's when the gridlines were either added or highlighted. And I'm pretty sure this was after the restoration. The grids on the hull and nacelles are noticeably absent, but the saucer still appears to have some, though very faint. I think this is post restoration. The grids are still there on the saucer, but very faint. Polar Lights released a 350 scale version with gridlines, then the released a version of the saucer alone without the grids so I have no idea what to think. Personally, I would appreciate some more detail to the ship, but that's why we have the Discoprise.
  15. Oh man, you spotted the stripper glitter! One my my kids brought that $hit home one day and I tried to ban it, but the wife let him have it for arts and crafts. Of course everything in the house is covered in it and no matter what, it seems to find its way everywhere.
  16. Not much going on with the NX apart from gloss clear for now.... Was even too lazy to load the airbrush with Pledge, decided to rattle can it instead. As for the TOS, I decided to try something I haven't seen yet. Trying that splotchy marbled effect on a model devoid of surface detail. I usually only do this for models with lots of panel lines or one I'm going to cover in decals only. Taking a risk here. Gradually add more layers. OK, so it doesn't look like a total potato. Also doing something the screen accurate purists will probably get triggered by. Added blue to just behind the deflector dish. Also added blue to the chillers. Crossing my fingers and hope the end result doesn't look too wierd. The Botany Bay is totally getting half-@$$ed and just not worth posting a picture of, lol!
  17. Awesome, thanks for uploading the build log! Might need to reference this if I get the Runabout
  18. Ok, thanks for the info. I guess the necks don't come off that easily....I also vaguely remember someone throwing on a 1J head onto Max's body, and I remember seeing a blue neck. The prices on the 1J are just out to lunch right now, and my wife would have my balls if I ordered the combo (not that I was able to secure one at MSRP anyway), but the sister-in-law snagged just the armor for me (they're in Japan) so I'll test it out when the time comes.
  19. Like I said, this could pass for a studio mode, wow! If it was Macross, it deserves to get a shout out in this thread: Lol, you think any of our Macross builds will get mentioned in here 😁
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