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  1. My wife said it looks like the toy helicopter is wearing diapers, just like my kid, hahahaha!
  2. OK, that is just drop dead gorgeous. Will have to dig through my pile, see if I have any prop planes. Speaking of props.... My 3 yr old loves helicopters and anything with propellers. Not my finest work, but I had to make it child proof. Don't judge, it's on my workbench so it's a valid post. Hahahahahaha!
  3. A bit more work on the STD Discoprise. I really like the silver look that matches the NX-01, but I guess just wanted to go a different route. Just for practice anyway, going to see how splotchy looks under the Aztecs. Not a bad looking ship. Decals are very cooperative, the only thing that's a bit phucky are the instructions for the decals, which are of no help to anyone on the planet. Would have been nice to k ow that the decal had to go on before these fins. Just broke them off and glue them back later. Of course I have to go off script. This build may trigger the STD purists, lol! Leaving the red pinstripes off the nacelles and moving the registry to the back like the Refit.... But they are a bit big. More to follow.
  4. Only had this toy by pure luck.... Picked it up on Marketplace for $20 (lights don't seem to work, bought as is). *EDIT* opened the battery compartment, found the typical fluffy white corrosion so I cleaned off the contacts and now the lights and sound work. @Thom Right?? It still irks me, lol! @MechTech Lol, Metric vs Imperial......I remember when we transitioned from Imperial to Metric in Canada back in grade 2 or 3....not exactly a smooth and complete transition as maybe 50% of the population use one, and the other half use the other. @slide E Z Line....adding to cart now, haha! I guess I'll eventually have to work with PE one day....it's just so small and I can barely see as it is, lol!
  5. Newest item on the workbench: 1/2500 Discoprise. Begin rant: Same size box as most other 1/1000 kits. Back of the box says nearly 12" long. Ok, should look nice with with my Refit and eventual TOS. Open the box and find instructions, but 80% of the box is empty. Ok, they must have forgotten some parts, or no display stand. Nope, that's all the model there is.... looks a bit small. Mock it up and it's nowhere near the same size as my Refit, not even close to the box's description of 12". #$&@?! Rant over. Lol! I did research on the scaling of the Discoprise after I bought this kit. Oh well, I should have known it was a bit off when the box said 1/2500 scale. Was wondering if it was worth filling in these seam lines. Lines I could not see without magnification, but I guess the camera would pick it up for the entire internet to mock me for being lazy and leaving them in. Definitely had to fix the one on the secondary hull. I'm leaving the seam around the rim of the saucer.... Not going to mask all the tiny clear parts, will just sandwich them in after the base coat is down on the ship. Now to decide which color scheme to go with. Since I haven't watched STD, not really concerned with the rivet counters and screen accuracy, lol! Odd choice to up scale the ship though because I thought they wanted STD to be in the prime universe? Anyway, I like the design, but it looks wierd with the rest of the fleet.
  6. I really want to see some of your Macross builds now (apart from your epic Daedalus).
  7. E Z Line! I've never heard of this stuff! I just picked up an old 1/250 Musashi kit and was wondering how much pain and tears I wanted to put into it. The last time I tried rigging was in grade 5 (easily 35+ years ago). I took runners, held them over a candle and stretched them out, so they were all different sizes, and prone to breaking. I'm going to have to look into this E Z Line stuff for the rigging. I'm also planning to pick up a 1/200 scale Yamato eventually, but I'll put a bit more effort into that build. This 1/250 will just be a slap together test bed to see if I can build a battleship model better than when I did in grade 5. Any ideas for the railing/fence without going into PE? PE is pretty scary for me, and expensive....looking for a cheap alternative to simulate that fence that goes around the deck of the ship. BTW, the Runabout display base is amazing. I don't usually put much thought and effort into my display bases, but I probably should.
  8. Is that Tamiya Hull Red? The stuff in the bottles looks almost brown and I haven't tried rattle cans yet.
  9. That just made me wonder if I would bother filling in the seam lines for the arms and legs. With the Hasegawa, it wasn't hard because the battroid goes together in sub-assemblies, but with older Bandai kits, each segment is captured within another, making the seam filling/paint process a huge PITA.
  10. I bet you're the kind of guy that would completely redo the missiles in the old 1/100 Missile Phalanx
  11. That is an insane amount of detail for 1/144. I wonder if I gloss coat the Chara-Works ones, I can run panel lines on them...will have to see how deep they are on those kits.
  12. Oh, ok, I remember those now. I have a few of the 1/144 Chara Works kits. Never got around to putting any of them together. Was toying around with the idea of doing a Max/Milia DYRL scene, but I still have to research the differences between SDFM and DYRL Q-Raus. Would also need to repaint Hikaru to Max, then rob one of my other Chara-Works kits for a 1S head..... Back on the shelf for now, hahahahaha
  13. Are those as small as I think they are? They look like they are about as small as Bandai's Mecha Colle? Star Wars and Yamato mini models? If so, that's an incredible amount of detail packed into those things. The last three I built from the Yamato series, I had to use magnification on all three otherwise I couldn't see them with the naked eye. Are they wallpaper decals or is that mostly paint? Either way, they look amazing. I only gave Mac F a single viewing, so I'm not familiar with all of the Valks, but some of those look pretty cool.
  14. Wow, that looks great so far. Thankfully none of my Yammies are yellowed, but one thing that really bugs me is the stickers. They are so obvious, you can see the edges, and some of them are peeling.
  15. I see a familiar color on there, is that Tamiya Light Blue? I used Tamiya Light Blue on my defiant, and the bottle cap looks blue, the paint inside looks blue, but when it dried, it had that greenish tinge just like on your Runabout. Bottle of lies, hahahahaha! I'm going to have to build a Runabout one of these days.
  16. Oh, I heard about your decals, and heard they are pretty awesome!
  17. Actually, I was thinking a out leaving it just like this, like a Low Vis ship with some skulls here and there. A lot of the decals are really high profile and really scream "here I am, shoot me down", especially the red pinstripes. Ended up throwing them all on there anyway, but honestly, it doesn't look this bright on screen right? The colors look so much more subdued.
  18. Lol, I totally get it about the jolly Roger, I was humming and hawing over which way to put it too. I think by the time I decided, I'd had more whiskey than Roy had rum in his pineapple salad and followed the chest plate of the Valk on my desk, hahahaha! In retrospect, I probably should have flipped the other way.
  19. Experimented with the airbrush some more. I know the Defiant doesn't have wallpaper decals so maybe the varying coloration would show through. Some detail painting required some masking. I remembered Model Chili mentioned this decal was not a perfect fit so I decided to paint this section. Then I decided on a last minute change. With Roy sitting on my workbench staring me in the face, I decided to throw a bit of black and yellow on the underside. Finished product, no lights....wait, USS what?? Lol, the individual letters... What a pain, lol! I didn't bother with the USS part for the smaller decals and you can certainly see the difference in font when you zoom in. Business on the top.... Party on the bottom, haha! Roy approved, but no pineapple sad served in the replicators. BTW, the only decal that broke on me.
  20. I might have missed it, lol, reading is not one of my strong points. Looks good!
  21. Yeah, some of the clear parts were a bit of a pain. I ended up cutting off or seriously trimming down a lot of the nubs and gluing the clear parts in place.
  22. I've always thought about buying up an old yellowed toy and doing a custom. So, what do folks do after building it? I'd imagine transforming it would risk scratching the hell out of the paint job? Once I build a model, even if it has ball joints and stuff, I don't touch it much after posing it, let alone transform it. Also, what about decals? I guess sealing them in under several layers of clears helps, but where do people even get custom decals for toys? Print your own? Customizing a toy might be still quite a bit beyond my skill level.
  23. Cleanest Refit I've ever built. Three 537s as a kid (all fell apart or broken) One 537 resurrected into an auto destruct One 537 built last summer with HDA Aztecs and markings, still a mess. One 1/2500 Refit.... Turned out pretty bad, made a mess of the wallpaper decals on that one. This one went together nicely, everything actually lined up, no major gaping holes (Well, there are still a few gaps, but nothing catastrophic compared to my 537 builds) that were hard to fix, even the decals went on nicely, the Aztecs were amazing. More details than I even knew about, more details than the larger 537, and it even came decals and details that the the HDA 537 decals didn't. I did have a bit of a problem with the nacelles through, a bit of a pain to snap fit. I put a little too much English into it and actually fudged the Aztec decal on the pylon. This is after the Pledge and after the Flat clear went over the decal and cured.... Guess it didn't cure long enough. Anyway, it's not perfect (for example, I still had trouble lining up the strong back decals) but I am quite happy with it. This kit could really benefit from lights, but if it isn't idiot proof (like my Bandai Yamato lighting kit), I would probably make a mess of it. Besides, it's easier to woosh it around the room when it's not wired to the stand, Hahaha!
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