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  1. Mine arrived from Mykonbini today..... Their excuse to me was they had some wierd issues with PayPal confirming my payment for shipping. Anyway, here's mine: I know the last thing anyone wants to see is another DX VF-1D pic, so I thought I'd throw in some really horrible VF-1D models I built as a kid maybe 35+ years ago. Actually my first exposure to Macross was the 1/100 Arii VF-1D and VF-1S fighters that my dad bought for me. I thought they were Jetfife's twin brothers or something. Anyway, I also ended up building a Bandai Variable 1/72 as well as a 1/100 Battroid of the 1D around that time, which I still had after all this time. Second photo is that Variable 1/72 1D next to one of my more recent models.
  2. How easy is it to remove a DX Head? I never tried, and I just realized I might have a problem I saw that the armor just came with a 1J head, so I figured ok, I'll just use my Max 1A body as a stand-in, and throw the 1J head onto it, bam, I have a 1J in GBP armor. Then the thought just came to me......the GBP armor probably doesn't come with the whole head/neck assembly, it might just be the 1J head top. The 1A, the 1J, and the 1S have different necks, and it's not like the neck up just pops right off, and none of the heads are compatible with other necks.....craaaaaaaaaaaaap. I guess I might have to go out abd buy a 1J afterall.
  3. Well, who knew right? I mean, they set up pre-orders over half a year in advanced, that ate up half of the time allowance for disputes with PP and other CCs. Then the rest of the time, most of us were just holding our breathe and running on faith. What irks me is they are still in business, advertising new products, and still in business. What I don't get is how is this possible??!?
  4. Nose art would look good on those. Scantily clad women and mecha, what could go wrong?
  5. That's a model right? Not a toy? I can't tell. Awesome work
  6. That could pass for a studio model in my opinion.
  7. Lol, ok, now it's coming back to me. I must have watched ANH over 100 times, and who knows how many times for ESB and ROTJ, but I wasn't compelled to watch the Rise of Skywalker more than once. Yeah, I sort of remember all of that now but it was pretty confusing.
  8. Rise of Skywalker. I legitimately don't remember what his movie was about. What happens again? Was there a reason why it was titled Rise of Skywalker? Was there a new Skylwalker or did an existing Skywalker come to power?
  9. Ok, some work on the Enterprises. Pepper your angus, this is going to be a *itchfest and a total hate-build. Great place for an injection pin, thanks. I'm wondering why they decided a seam was needed right down the edges of the pylons. Or the secondary hull needed 4 seam lines in a very inconvenient place to fill and sand. Or have a seam in a really hard to reach part of the ship. Folks, the USS Puttyprise. It was nice they gave us so many options, but the numbering and instructions were a bit confusing. One of the nacelles needed super human strength to close. Snap fit my muscular buttocks. I haven't used this much hardware since the 537 Refit. More putty I wasn't even going to bother building the Botany Bay (Kirk should have torpedoed the thing), but decided may as well dig it out while I watch the putty cure. Meanwhile I'd been so spoiled by my airbrush, I'd forgotten how thick rattle can paint goes on.... Ended up with some paint drips. Back to the Puttyprise and seam lines I can't unsee. More putty after the primer. And back to the NX. Tamiya Flat aluminum with some opacity on top of Tamiya white primer comes out like pearl. I'll have to remember this when I build another Refit. More sanding. Back to the NX.... Some detail painting. Not lighting it but it would look good lit. I'm not filling anymore. I know the seam line is there, but I'm choosing to ignore it, lol! OK, back to the NX.... This is going to be another lazy build... Almost no sanding or filling. I'm hoping my sins will be hidden behind wallpaper Aztec decals, hahahahaha!
  10. Transformers!!! I love G1 but the new Netflix series is falling a bit short for me. I finally got around to building the little Yunagi that came with the 1/1000 Yamato (not the one in the photo). One of the laziest builds I've ever done. I forgot where the instructions were but didn't have a lot of problems figuring out how it should go together. I didn't primer or paint this thing apart from the white bits, and that was just Tamiya white primer. After that, I just hosed it down with Tamiya Clear from a rattle can, threw the decals on, a bit of Tamiya Panel Line and then Tamiya Flat Clear. Probably the quickest and laziest builds I've done recently, and it didn't come out looking like a potato. Also, it might be the only Yamato series model I have that has anything close to anime correct colors. Still irks me that it doesn't really scale with any of my Yamato models. The Botany Bay is the side ship that reminded me I even had the Yunagi. This is just after the gloss, decals and panel lines.
  11. No 4th option? If you don't watch this.......... Haha, I wasn't going to but technoblue has be curious
  12. Did the voice acting improve or did you just get used to them? 😁
  13. Those are cool...I love mechs with katana like weapons.
  14. FB page dedicated to people who got screwed by NY.
  15. It feels like it's been forever since I built anything, but at least I have these two on the work bench. My sciatica has been bugging me so I can't sit for long periods of time. Picked this up at Michael's for $23 with the 30% off coupon. The last TOS I built was only 1/2500 scale and it was already packed with more detail than I knew there was on the ship (always just looked like a gray blob to me on the show). Got this as a freebie for buying something else that was really big and really dumb, and definitely beyond my abilities to do justice (any guesses? Lol!). Will post pics of that later
  16. I keep saying this is awesome, but I don't know what it's from, Hahaha! It's not Gundam is it?
  17. @Return To Kit Form I love it when builders throw in a story.... It's like 3D fanfiction. I got a bit carried away once though and it almost turned into a novel.
  18. Me too. I thought I was going to get NY'd by them, started reading some really horrible reviews, and I was peppering my angus for the worst..... Then yesterday I got notification that it shipped.
  19. Would have been an interesting cross-over/plot twist.....the kids of stranger things turned out to be the children of the original GB, lol!
  20. How's everyone's experience with My Kombini? They said it would be available 25Jul21, it's now 27Jul21. I paid the balance owning (for shipping) on the 23rd. I know, it's only been two days......just that I got *ucked by NY, so I'm a bit nervous about pre-orders.
  21. I love the custom Texas decal on there. Subtle enough that it still looks like Star Trek, but when you see it, you think "that's *ucking awesome"
  22. Ok, I'm really itching to build my 1/48 now.....
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