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  1. @Chronocidal I don't know that series but it's an awesome looking craft. @arbit Is that Kodai from Yamato? @Dobber Nice custom work on that TOS gen ship! Love the extra detail....thinking about building a TOS Enterprise next, but it will be boring and straight out of the box if I do, hahah! I do have some custom work on the defiant I'll post later, but don't get expect much, its not very exciting. @electric indigo I still don't know what mecha that is, but it's coming along nicely, haha! @derex3592 I wonder my if childhood Titanic build is worth digging out for a few laughs, yours is looking great....illumination...will need to figure that out one day. @505thAirborne Yes! A Valkyrie! I honestly can't tell, is that a Yammie 1/60 or 1/48?
  2. When I was a kid, I took spruces held over a candle and stretched them out until they were super thin, but I had inconsistent results and made a mess of gluing them onto the ship. Not sure I could do much better today.
  3. Photo dump: Made a mess of the chillers. They actually have large flat black surfaces with a slit of light peaking through. When I was a kid, the whole thing looked blue to me. Anyway, I tried various ways to simulate the blue behind the black, but without a light source there was no way to see the blue in the thin trenches of the chillers so I just cleaned the black off completely. Not lighting this one so simulated it is. The last Refit I built was a 1/2500 and I painted it pure white and it looked pasty, even with the Aztec wallpaper decals. For this one, I wanted to experiment and see if I could get some unevenness with the panels, so gray primer, white with a drop of gray and then I painted each panel one by one with varying degree of opacity. Got the Aztec kit for this and Reliant. One of the best decals I have ever come across. They sucked right in, even around odd shapes, bends and edges. With the wallpaper decals though, you can barely tell the base paint isn't even. The pylon Aztecs didn't come with the triangles precut. I found it easier to apply the decal first, let it settle a bit, then cut them out after instead of trying to measure and cut them first. The decals that came with the kit must be a different manufacturer or different batch because although they were ok, they weren't as awesome as the Aztecs. They just didn't conform around curves and edges as well, though I shouldn't complain as they didn't shatter into a million pieces like some other Round 2 decals. If I ever build another 1/1000, I'll sand off the nubs on the RCS thrusters so the decal doesn't need to wrap around it. The phaser emitters on the stern were a bit of a pain too. Just let them sit on a drop of Mr. Mark Softer and as the liquid evaporates, it sucked the decal down.... With some help of some tweezers. As you can see, I still have trouble lining up the Strongback decals. I just hope I don't have this problem when it comes to the 350. Dug the 350 out for fun. Sometimes I forget I have this monster. The strong back decal is as big as a 1/1000 nacelle. While watching the decals dry on the Refit, I dug my Defiant out. A sandwich within a sandwich, with clear parts captured inside... Yuck. Lazy masking. Hope this works, lol! Not a bad looking ship I was thinking about experimenting with illumination, but decided I wanted to woosh it around the room more than have it wired to the stand, so no lights. Should I make it a UN Spacy vessel? Hahahaha! More to follow
  4. Woah, a Titanic build! Awesome. I built a Titanic kid in grade 4 or 5 and it suuuuuuuuucked. Not sure I'm even cut out for ship models now. Rigging and PE intimidate me, even at larger scales. There is a Doyusha 1/250 Musashi kit a local guy has for $100CAD and I am tempted, but not sure I could do it justice. Older kit, might need a lot of aftermarket accuratization. Might just buy it for the box art, lol!
  5. Most militaries wouldn't accept that long hippie-dippy hair either, hahahaha!
  6. Take care man, looking forward to seeing your builds when you get back.
  7. That is the biggest groin protector I have ever seen, hahahaha!
  8. Holy crap!!! That would be well beyond my abilities to paint, even with magnification.
  9. Too small for me to even see, hahahaha! I can barely see these plastic barrels
  10. Mecha Collection build done, more or less. Tiny kits, packed with detail, had to build with magnification otherwise I couldn't see the damn things. Yamato 2202 version. Completely different tooling than the not very old 2199 version. Seemed more refined, panel lines were finer and more to scale with the size, but filled quickly with layers of paint. Painted IJN Gray, Kure Arsenal. So this is the 2199 version. I painted this up with IJN Gray, Sasebo Arsenal, so in my head canon - Space Battleship Musashi. I even painted the radar white as I often saw models of Musashi with a white radar. Totally not screen accurate, lol! Andromeda......not to scale. It should be bigger apparently, but oh well. First time I built this ship, and the first time I actually looked into what the thing is supposed to look like on screen. I got sort of close, but it's still pretty far off. It came with Bandai's typical stickers instead of decals. Tried one, decided to bin the markings. My first Yamato model from like 35+ years ago, lol! And this one I built a few years ago, minimal paint, basically the deck and engine nozzle. Surprisingly close to what the anime colors are. That K'tinga is about to have a really bad day.
  11. Yup. Not sure I will battle damage this one... We'll see. Already did a 537 auto destruct build, SO I sort of have it out of my system, but we'll see
  12. Well, it's a slow week at work, and a bunch of stuff ended up on my work bench, as well as some goodies in the mail that showed up (and probably won't get touched for a while. Window masks for a 747 kit I picked up on a whim. Into the queue it goes. I couldn't decide what kit to build next.... Hummed and hawed between a Star Trek 1/1000 kit or maybe one of the Mecha Collection Yamato kits. I decided to go with ST. Lots of flash. For a newer kit, it felt a bit messy. $45 Polar Lights kit on the left, $5 Bandai on the right. Anyway, enough complaining, the kit went together. Lot easier than the nightmare AMT 537 kits. Some gaps, but gave me a chance to try out this stuff. Talk about easy to use, excess wipes right off with a wet qtip. While waiting to dry, I was curious about an Andromeda kit I had, whether it was the correct scale for the Yamato from the same series. I was disappointed to find out hardly any ships from this series are the correct scale for each other. 2199 version 2202 version. There are actually a lot of differences between the 2199 and 2202 version. Anyway, since I unboxed them, I decided to start on them. I built both versions of the Yamato before, ended up giving both of them to my kids, who over a period of time broke off all the pointy bits. These ones will be for me and off limits from the kids. Managed to get everything prepped and primer tonight More to follow.
  13. I wish I had a 3d printer..... And the intelligence to operate one, lol!
  14. Looks awesome, 1/48 must be massive. I have a 1/72 in my pile I should probably get to one of these days.
  15. That is an awesome looking brake. You could go into business making real muzzle brakes. Two different 50 Cal brakes... Mines on the left, buddy's on the right.
  16. Thanks! Man, they do come out in photos looking like tiger stripes. In person, it's definitely more subdued alike this photo: I think part of the difficulty was the 2202 version added so many extra panel lines over the 2199 version. I'm also struggling between learning to shade and keeping that sense of scale. I hope they make a 1/500 scale 2202 version because these old man eyes make it hard to build these smaller scale ships, hahahaha!
  17. Space Battleship Yamato and her sister ship Space Battleship Musashi done. Musashi never appeared on screen or anywhere official as far as I know. Neither of these builds are screen accurate anyway. Bandai 1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato 2203 version painted IJN Gray, Sasebo Arsenal, where Musashi was built. The deck was painted a dark gray to match her appearance in Operation Sho Go. Below the waterline is Tamiya Hull Red with a red Oxide primer beneath. Bandai 1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato Final Battle Version painted IJN Gray, Kure Arsenal, where Yamato was built. The deck was painted a lighter gray than Musashi to simulate her appearance for Operation Ten Go. Below the waterline is Tamiya Hull Red, but on top of a gray primer, it almost looks brown. The Final Battle Version has more AA Guns and armored up turrets, which more resemble her WWII appearance. So easy to light up.
  18. Light test. Musashi's sister ship Yamato is almost done.
  19. Wow, those are awesome. Man, technology these days....
  20. Never get tired of looking at your build.
  21. Lazy builds done. No putty, no seam filling (though I should have, hahahaha!), and no masking on the BOP. I barely know anything about the Grissom other than it turned into a white cotton ball in STIII. In fact, I didn't really research the studio models of either of these two ships and just wanted to slap together a stress free build. They are far from screen accurate, full of mistakes and my laziness is pretty evident (please don't zoom in, there is some seriously messy decal work and huge gaping seam lines), but they both turned out far better than I was expecting so I'm pleasantly surprised by them. Yamato: come get some. Grissom: lol! BOP: wtf.
  22. That would have been awesome. I'd love to see it in TOS colors. I like the look too, I think it was done tastefully. The upscaling baffled me a bit, but then after reading about the BOP, nothing in ST surprises me anymore.
  23. The Pikerprise/Discoprise scale irks me. I haven't watched STD so I didn't know about the weird scaling issue, I only bought the 1/2500 scale kit because the box described it as 12" long and I figured it would look good with the 1/1000 scale TOS and Refit. I open the box and I'm thinking *uck me, they forgot the model, all I see are the instructions. I flip the instructions off and I see this tiny thing in the same size box that the other 1/1000 Enterprises came in. This thing looked like it could have come in a box about 1/3 the size. To this day, I am peeved about the printing error on the box. I would not have spent $45 if I knew it was going to be that tiny.
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