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  1. That's a really good price on shipping. I just had it sent to my in-laws in Japan, will pick it up whenever I'm there next. I went with the fighter because I actually don't like the proportions of the super/strike pack. I think the boosters are slightly too big, and it's a bit of an eye sore for me when I've gone through a few Hasegawa super/strikes. So, do we need to get aftermarket decals and pilots for the fighter or does it come with decals (not stickers) and a pilot fig?
  2. Watched it last night, wonder who the kid is a clone of, or grows up to be. Waiting to be mind-blown. I'm happy that the old voice actors are back too, they deserve more work.
  3. Ohhhh....I like that one.....guessing that's a resin kit that goes with the Hasegawa battroid.....do want, but don't want to pay the collector price, which I imagine is high.
  4. That's what the Meltrandi said...... I swear I posted this before, but I guess not? Or was it deleted because it was inappropriate?
  5. I have to do a bit of catch up reading to do, but I was hoping some folks here can help me save time and answer a few questions I have. It looks like some of the earlier kits only came with stickers, no decals? Looks like someone here was making custom decals because of this? Does the fighter come with decals or stickers, or both? Does the fighter come with a pilot or is that sold separately? I know there is a separate weapons pack that I might pass on, we'll see. I didn't see many builds here for the straight fighter, but I've seen some that were very nicely done. I guess I also want to see how does it compare in terms of detail and accuracy compared to the smaller Hasegawa 1/48, which seems to be the benchmark.
  6. Why am I punishing myself..... Haven't I been saying I wanted to do something straight forward and out of the box? Lol! Was thinking about ham-fisting the armor onto one of these two older kits that I didn't want to build in the first place, lol!
  7. Has anyone here built the Bandai Variable 1/72 that goes with this Strike Parts set? I had the kit, but it looked a bit messy and I heard it fell apart easily so I flipped it, but I'm thinking about kit-bashing it into maybe one of my older Bandai kits..... Maybe the fixed Battroid.... Or if I'm feeling super ambitions, maybe one of my older Bandai Variable kits.....
  8. If anyone is curious for a rattle can color for DYRL parts, I used this last summer: I found it looked pretty close....but I may be a bit color blind, who knows. I thought it looked somewhere in between the DX and Yamato super/strike parts.
  9. Dude, that stand is awesome. Sorry, but I may steal your idea.. My Refit is sitting on the original AMT stand, which feels a bit sketchy.... And my auto destruct is just stuck on a plain wood board. I really like your display idea with a top view schematic of the ship.
  10. @derex3592 I've heard the Galileo shuttle is a lot of work, I can't imagine a Runabout @electric indigo I'm going to have to try resin one day. I have a few of those resin kits that the "Super-poseables" were cloned from, maybe I should try one of those.
  11. Lol, damn, I wish I'd seen this message earlier....I just ordered one from Amazon.co.jp.....having it sent to my in-laws ¥18,760 Not that I have anything worth trading anyway, hahhaha! Just have to wait a year or whenever the pandemic is over before I can go over there to bring it back
  12. Than is awesome.....love the figs too! I can't do greeblies to save my life....no imagination
  13. @Chronocidal @sketchley @MechTech I'll definitely reinforce the next Battroid I build. MT, your mech looks beefy by the way.....I'll have to refer to your posts about joints when I get going again.
  14. Thanks! I should have brought my actual camera with me though instead of just using my cell phone. My camera produces better results I think: Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Low-Vis These are just reposts, nothing new Yamato 1/48 Max Super
  15. I sort of want, but I wasn't all that stressed that I failed to get one during the pre-order. The hands, and even the feet and shoulder extensions just look a bit odd to me.
  16. That is awesome....looks like a scaled up DX.
  17. Wow, nice! I've noticed there aren't very many Macross fans in the GRVD. Are you selling a few things on FB Marketplace? I saw a few items that pop up once in a while and it always shows Surrey. Have you build yours? How does it compare in detail to the Hasegawas 1/72 or 1/48? I saw these when I was in Japan, but I think it would have taken up an entire checked luggage so I passed on it. Good price though, less than 20,000 yen. I might grab one next time I'm over there, but who knows when that will be. My in-laws are already holding a bunch of my Macross items hostage, but I don't want them to ship them because it is soooo expensive right now. I'll just have to stockpile them and wait for my next trip.
  18. Nice. I sort of want one of these now......shipping was probably huge dollars?
  19. I tried to recreate this scene with Hasegawa 1/72 Valks, but I had a lot of trouble getting both Valks in focus. Couldn't get the angle right either, just required the camera to be really close, or zoomed in, but then I would lose focus on Roy's. Gave up After while and just settled for some other angles.
  20. I think the balloon hands are exaggerated a bit too much, lol! They look like giant sausage fingers. I wonder how it would look with fixed pose DYRL hands?
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