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  1. LOL! Maybe one day, as an interesting method of preshading?? Hahahaha!
  2. Gear up....was it as much of a PITA as it was with the 1/72s? I never want to do a gear up 1/72 Valkyrie again, lol!
  3. If you see my scribing work, you will feel better about yours
  4. I like the longer one. That is one cool looking mech.
  5. I didn't really get into Mac F and never watched Mac D, but that look awesome. I never really paid much attention to the drones, apart from Mac+. Are they all derived from the original drones seen in SDFM, or are they drastically different?
  6. Not on my workbench, but it is a build. Almost there. Two panels to go. As for what is actually on my workbench.... This mess of parts. Sorry @MechTech I decided to go with the fixed Battroid instead. On closer inspection, the variable version would actually be a lot more work..... For me at least since I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Looking forward to your build and see how you approach it. I might build the variable as a fixed Gerwalk later on, with some spare Hasegawa parts thrown in. I have a complete nose, cockpit and fuselage parts that came with the Super Ostrich and Elintseeker.
  7. Organization is a good feeling. I always find it a struggle to keep it clean and organized.
  8. That is cool! Was that originally a toy or model? I don't think I've ever see one of those.
  9. Now I want to build a prop plane.... This ace, I tell you.... Such a bad influence
  10. Man, I wish I had your fabrication skills.
  11. Lol, I might actually be leaning this way.....looking at just the legs of the battroid kit, they are ridiculously oversized and the back of the leg armor would need to be shaved right down or I need to heavily mod the legs. The varliable kit....ugghhh...I never actually wanted to build it, but it looks like I might have to. It's just a better fit for the strike pack with seemingly less modification. Besides, the current battroid build is kind of a mess, might be quite a bit more flawed than my previous attempt with the low vis 1A
  12. Oh, don't look at me for ideas, I'll probably produce a mangled mess. I popped open the armor set, and the construction seems sturdier, but I was expecting Bandai to hide more of the seam lines. They left this one done the middle of the arm armor...... But went to the trouble to hide this one, which isn't visible anyway when it's mounted. Anyway, I'm still humming and hawing over which old Bandai 1/72 to try to use it on, the variable or the fixed Battroid. Dug out a few variables I built as a kid..... Boy did I ever butcher these kits. Might cannibalize these for parts. The Super Ostrich and Elintseeker both come with spare noses and fuselage (chest/back) plates, and even some spare armor pieces. Valkyrie spare parts are growing....always wanted to do a hangar maintenance diorama of some sort, but that's beyond my imagination and abilities. Had the idea of stealing the variable arms from my childhood build for the Battroid kit instead of using the Popeye arms. They're a mess though so they will require heavy weathering and probably a lot of battle damage. Already trying to figure out modding the joints with whatever polycaps and ball joints I have laying around. Not so much for posing, but for easy of paint. Hate captured parts. More Gundam donor parts. I never watched Gundam, never got into it, so I have no idea where all these Gundam kits came from. These arms are totally pooched. Will take a lot of will power to get them working again. Wish I had a few more Hasegawa 1A or 1S Battroid heads, but I guess this build might end up being a 1J. LOL, still haven't 100% committed to adding armor to the Battroid or one of my old variable kits. Have any of you guys done either before?
  13. That is brutal. Well, I have a year or so to figure out how to scan the Hasegawa decals and upsize them to 1/20 scale, then I'll just have to paint the rest. That suuuuuuuuuuuucks.
  14. Are you planning on building yours or pretty set on getting rid of them?
  15. Damn....so the Fighter definitely only comes with Stickers....ok, will have to source a set of decals for it sometime in the next year.....probably won't be going to Japan for at least that long by the way things are going, lol!
  16. Resurrecting an old thread because this might help those who got screwed by NY, or maybe we can put the screws to them. I pre-ordered the Super Dimension Fortress Macross - DX Chogokin Movie VF-1 Strike / Super Parts Set - Limited Edition 7Jun2019 and still haven't received a response from NY. Strange because I ordered a missile pack after this and they actually sent those. Anyway, for those that got screwed by NY: If you don't speak Japanese, you will need the assistance of someone who speaks Japanese. My wife called NY an hour before closing and it went straight to VM, so she called the Ehime Consumer Affairs Center in Ehime, Japan (where NY is located). http://www.kokusen.go.jp/map/38/center0126.html (089) 925-3700 Looks like they have an e-mail address at this local level, but it will probably be the same, Japanese required: seikatu-center@pref.ehime.lg.jp There is also a National hotline that may have English services but I'm not 100% sure: 03-3446-1623 Spoke to someone who has opened a case to investigate. I would suggest the more cases against them, the better, so they can see the severity of the fraud. Not sure if I will see my money back, definitely not counting on NY actually having the DX Chogokin Super/Strike parts, but at least this might be a step to get this fraudulent company shut down and prevent them from victimizing more people. Things they will ask for: Company name Company website Name of the item you ordered, description of the item you ordered, your order number, method of payment. What attempts have you made to receive your goods and what you have done to acquire a refund Probably some other stuff, but it would be good to have this stuff ready when they ask. Anyways, my wife will call her back next week to follow up, we'll see......
  17. Wow, nice, thanks for posting pics! Did you open the decal sheet/instructions by any chance?
  18. Are you effin kidding me??? Oh man, that blows. I'm not sure I like the idea of stickers on my model. Crap.
  19. Oh nice! I like the custom eye sensor! I was thinking the same thing, complete repaint, and custom eye sensor. I think the thing needs new joints too, but that is something that is beyond my skill level.
  20. Oh man, I just dug my matchbox versions out of my kids' toybox thinking they didn't look too bad, and I might even take the time to repaint them, but seeing them next to those newer versions......maybe the old ones aren't so hot afterall, lol! Has anybody ever gone to the trouble to mod those old ones, like adding ball joints, repaints, adding details to accuratize them?
  21. Those wrists don't look right at all. Are the forearms upside down somehow?
  22. I know there have been issues with other modes with the backpack (too flat?), and I really don't like the head lasers for the 1S: They're just too squished together. Are there any other blatant inaccuracies we may feel the need to sort out? I also heard about some pretty bad injection marks.
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