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  1. I wonder how they treated this area of the ship, wondering if it will be a physical grill or decal.
  2. Despite my messy decal work, and my complete lack of knowledge of this ship, the Grissom is turning out looking not too bad. I have two more of these so the next one hopefully comes out better now that I know what to expect. Will seal these decals in after they all settle. I had to resort to Tamiya Mark Fit Super Strong for some of the curvy decals.... And they still don't like cold water, despite feeling robust (fragmented a few). I may leave these decals out. They sit on the edge of the pylons, and to my old man eyes, it looks like there isn't enough surface for the decal to cling to. I think more decal will end up folding over the edge than on the face of the edge.
  3. Lol, my wife knows I have it, so if I sold it, she would kill me, especially since her parents went to the trouble to send it to me. That is a VERY good point to remember with toys, that they are built to be played with and will hold up to posing, unlike my Hasegawa models. With my Hasegawa and Bandai battroid models, I don't want to touch them again after I finish them because they seem too fragile to pose too many times. That said, the last year, I've found a lot of enjoyment in building models, and sharing my experiences with everyone here
  4. OMG, that's embarrassing. As a kid, I thought I knew my WWII planes, but it's been a long time since I dove into my Time Life - Epic of Flight books.
  5. The in-laws sent a care package from Japan a few days ago. I know it's not a model, but hear me out, it is model related. And they threw in a DX Roy and Strike Packs. I ordered this ages ago and they decided it was taking up space so they threw it in the box, and I appreciate them doing that but..... Strangely, I wasn't as excited about it as I thought I would be. I opened the box, pulled the Valk out and attached the Strike packs.... But then it just sat. I didn't feel compelled to play with it, or transform it. Instead, I went back to working on my models - Yamato, the BOP and Grissom. I bought the DX Max a few years ago when I was in Japan, and I was pretty stoked about it, but I always wanted a Roy since I was a kid. This was it, my first Roy toy.....but when I finally got it, I wasn't super excited. I've been building models on a regular basis during the last year or so and I wonder if my renewed interest in models has become the priority. I mean, the toy is awesome, all painted, lots of markings, nice proportions..... But the first thing my eyes were drawn to were the seam lines, the gaps, the gun metal colored landing gear (they should be white), that unsightly booster cradle, and other inaccuracies compared to the 1/72 Hasegawa models I made, lol! It's like I can't unsee them, and this is something that I never noticed when I bought the Max a few years back, when I was still on my hiatus from model building. Has this happened to you guys? Maybe I'll appreciated it a bit more after my workbench is cleared... I better, because the wife knows how much I spent on this thing.
  6. Oh, that's awesome....is it based off the P51? Edmoton CANADA!
  7. Some more work on Yamato. Fingers were cramping and sore by the time preshading was done. Gray primer below the waterline instead of Oxide Red. Filling in each panel at a time. Just a bit of experimentation to see how that marbling effect will look on a ship of this scale..... Might look a bit out of place when it's done, but it will be a learning experience. It's quite different than her sister ship. I might see if I can go darker but will wait until tomorrow to see how I feel about it. Tamiya Hull Red seems almost more brown than red. Knocking back the pre-shading one panel at a time. The gray I'm using for this one is IJN Gray, Kure Arsenal which was Yamato's shipyard. It's noticeably lighter than Musashi's gray. Engine nozzle. Will knock it back with a bit of flat black later. The wood deck in Yamato was apparently painted a light gray for Operation Ten Go, so I put a few drops of black and gray on top of the wood deck tan. Not as dark as her sister ship, but I want these two ships to look noticeably different.
  8. Lol, I was thinking the same thing.... Maybe they just wanted to do something easy.... Or it could be hinting at a new BOP? Since the Grissom always seems to be associated with it....
  9. Race plane? Lol, not sure I like the Grissom enough to get a 1/350.....only reason I got it was because it came with the BOP Just need to add decals then flat clear the thing tomorrow. With the old resurrected BOP I did a few months back. Some more work on the Grissom. Decals are sturdy, but a bit stubborn. Lots of decal solution on these curvy ones. Flat ones seem to be cooperative.
  10. Man, that Minmei fig looks pretty good.
  11. Ouch....NY....I've been waiting for strike packs since 2019.
  12. That is so cool. I only had one gun in my entire collection with a blued finish - 1911. The rest were either parkerized, anodized, cerakoted and in some cases, krylon'd.
  13. Speaking of decal, this came in the mail today..... Look at the size of these things. The smaller set are 1/48
  14. Did a bit more work on the BOP/Grissom Too lazy to mask all those feathers, definitely not screen accurate. The blue-gray came out a wee bit darker than I hoped. And a bit of over spray on the bottom side. I didn't fill in any seams or use any putty on this kit, though I probably should have. This was an extremely lazy build, and I know next to nothing about this ship other than the BOP blew it up. I didn't research a lot into what the studio model looks like so it already looks better than I was expecting. Next step is Pledge, then decals and maybe some weathering, then flat clear. Guess I better get back to the sister ships. I knocked back the brightness of the engine nozzles just like @pengbuzz suggested, looks better when it doesn't contrast so much, thanks again for the tips Ohhhh.... Just binge watched Yamato 2202 this past weekend so I'm pretty motivated to finish the second ship, though it won't be screen accurate, hahahahaha!
  15. OK, good to know, thanks! I may decide to bin the idea of trying to do it myself and just buy decals in the end, but I probably won't even be able to see the kit for at least a year or so (at my in-laws in Japan).
  16. Yamato 2202 in 1/1000 more or less complete. First illuminated model, but honestly this kit was designed specifically to be illuminated. I think smarter people than me could do better as the Bandai lighting system is a bit of a pain. Need to remove two panels to access three different switches. Comparison to the older 1/1000 scale. One of the first models I built after a long break from building models. I think I built it two years ago? I just needed something to practice on before building the 1/500, which didn't turn out that well. Rattle can paints, no primer, no clear coat, no preshading or post shading, just two colors. This older kit suuuuuuuuucked to build, lol! A lot of fitment issues. Despite its shortcomings and how plain and boring it turned out, it was the cleanest model I'd ever built at that time. I tried to copy the deck color ot IJN Musashi. It looks like a closer match in person. Next to my older 1/500. The colors of the 1/1000 that I went with are definitely not anime accurate (WWII colors of Musashi). The panel lines look a lot bolder in the photos, more subdued in person, but I think in the future, I'll have to add a few more layers of paint next time to cover up more pre-shading. Engine nozzle is too bright and contrasts the rest of the ship pretty bad. Might use a darker metallic next time. Captain Okita's Room..... Way too small for me to mask properly and paint, so I just left it. Anyway, got to practice a lot of techniques on this build, made a lot of mistakes, got lazy in some parts, but overall, it doesn't seem horrendous. I think the next 1/1000 Final Battle version will be easier to build. I also want to figure out how to light my larger 1/500 2199 kit.
  17. That rifle barrel is amazing.....the fluting on such a small scale, wow! The brake on my 50: Check out the fluting on my buddy's rfile:
  18. This one should have Born to Kill painted on the side of it. Bet the BOP would have had trouble taking this one out.
  19. I think I'll definitely do a battle damage version, just have to decide which kit to victimize, Hahaha h! And that was definitely one of the images that inspires me to build.
  20. Haha, maybe! Like Operation Ten Go. We'll see, I do want to do a battle damage version, or at least some weathering that appears more than factory fresh Yamato 2199, you can see the bow is more narrow: Final Battle Version (2202) with more AA guns and up-armored main turrets. Looks like a few extra catapults too. \ They beefed up the main turrets so they more resemble the WWII ship:
  21. Slapping this together between paint coats on Yamato/Musashi. I don't eve.ike this ship, but I'll build it for practice. This thing goes together so easily. Seems a bit big.....
  22. Space Battleship Musashi..... Lol, I know, there's no such thing, but I have two in 1/1000 scale, so I'm building fictional sister ships. I even got IJN Sasebo Arsenal, where Musashi was built. The other color, IJN Kure, will be for Yamato, which is the final Battle Version (beefier main guns, extra AA). I haven't even watched Yamato 2202 yet. Preshading. Sasebo Gray....and not anime accurate, lol! Tamiya's Hull Red though..... Ok, it's totally brown, lol! Looks like a close match to IJN Musashi though. More to follow.
  23. Battle damage? Didn't they go into battle right after they got married?
  24. No glue.....that must be a pleasure to build. If only the 1/72 was that awesome. I'm really looking forward to building my 1/48....just a bit more practice with other models so I'm good enough to build it.
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