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  1. Those are really cool mechs....the gun barrels and brakes...wow. As a gun nut, I have to say they look incredibly real. They even look worn!!!!
  2. I swear to God MechTech, you can make anything.
  3. Sorry for the late reply on this. I would suggest hammering that e-mail with complaints, in all languages.....just mention Nippon Yassan in big bold letters. If they get enough complaints, they may do something as it is in their neck of the woods. If they don't get anything or get very little, they won't take it seriously. It's not hard for them to run english text through google translate, if not just to get the jist of it. The would probably be more inclined to put a bit more effort into an investigation if they see complaints from overseas.
  4. Lol, good to know. I was excited at the thought of seeing GT-Rs on the big screen, but when I saw the neon lights, the NOS and the attitude, it was a big WTF moment. There's more value watching un-subtitled Best Motoring or Options videos.
  5. WTF, are you serious? Lol, that is brutal. Might skip this one then, doesn't sound like something I want to watch. The Netflix "Gen 1" TF series also turned into a steaming pile of excrement. Getting bored with TV.
  6. I've seen scalpers defended....even here. I can't say I agree with that sentiment. Watched a youtube vid on a Japanese fan trying to order something on pre-order night....forgot what it was, definitely Macross related. He managed to score one, but he said he wished scalpers would die, lol!
  7. This post will probably be unpopular, but here it goes. I consider myself a car nut, (or at least I was in my younger days). Was big into car culture back in the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, went to more than a few Tokyo Auto Salons, owned two NSXs, drove my fair share of GT-Rs, Supras, RX-7s, 300ZXs, GTOs....and I have never watched a single one of these movies in it's entirety. I got about 15 - 20 minutes of the first one then binned it. Car culture wasn't anything like that where I grew up (Canada), and it certainly wasn't even close to that in Japan. I don't know if the subsequent films got better, but I thought the first one was garbage.
  8. OK, historically, I've always gone cheap on nippers, how awesome are really good nippers? I used to use whatever I found at the local hardware store, and last year, I spent what I thought was a fortune on Tamiya side cutters. But recently I've been seeing GodHands pop up on the model groups: https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/godhand-parts-nipper-limited-production-gh-pn-165/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI98-hgdvo8QIVga7ICh2utQvjEAQYASABEgI94_D_BwE That is a buttload of money to spend on nippers, but is it worth it? I honestly don't know.
  9. Looking good so far! I still have to find a toy that's so far gone I'm not afraid to repaint. Most of the toys in my collection are in pretty good shape so I can't seem to find the nerve to repaint yet.
  10. Muzzle brakes look great! For reference: Cerakote finish, not cleaned after 500 rounds. Cheap 1911, original factory blued finish After sanding and some custom engraving After using a cold blue (Birchwood Casey Perma Blue from the local hardware store). I did a horrible job, but the metal was protected. It never looked as good as the factory blue, but that's not saying much, the original finish was pretty nasty anyway, lol!
  11. I noticed the accent thing too, but as many have pointed out, she reverted at least once in Rebels when she was talking to her pops. Definitely has fans talking though
  12. That's a really odd thing to say about something covered in genital warts 🤣
  13. Go large man, cover the entire bottom of the ship with the flag...or the top. I didn't think the Roy colors would work with the Defiant so I just did the bottom, and it still looks Star Trek from the top, but I think it turned out ok anyway. BTW, I really want to visit Texas one day. Two things I love, steak and guns, and I hear there is an abundance of both there.
  14. Holy crap, his underside looks gnarly. I think I prefer previous versions of Starscream.
  15. Noel......this name seems familiar. Was he a member here ages ago, went by Black Aces or something like that or different guy?
  16. I honestly had no idea the Runabout had so much detail, wow.
  17. Your workshop looks like a lab, with the yellow/black stripped lines on the ground and everything, at least in this pic By the way, your turtle sun-deck reminded me of your Daedalus build for some reason.
  18. I went with an off white mix layered on top of Stynylrez Gray primer. It was mostly Tamiya White with a few drops of Light Gray, but I'm still mucking around with opacity with the air brush so I just kept adding layers until it sort of looked right. I was trying to match the box art from the 1/1000 Discoprise box, which looked more gray than metallic. From the trailers that I've seen, the Discoprise looks like it's got a metallic finish in the show, much like the NX-01 did in Enterprise, which is a nice touch because it sort of connects the two generations. There were images of the NX-01 Refit with a more whitish/gray finish (not officially canon?) which would have connected Enterprise with the TOS, but I guess STD now trumps all of that. I never get tired of looking at your ST builds, and I still marvel at your hand-penciled Aztecs.
  19. Yeah, I heard it can be pricy once its dressed up with the decals and lights. Did you guys hear about Round 2 reissuing the TOS light kit? Heard the price for the lighting kit is now $212 USD
  20. STD Enterprise done. Polar Lights 1/2500 USS Enterprise from Discovery, aka Discoprise. Not screen accurate because I haven't watched STD yet. Still peeved about the inaccurate size description, but the kit turned out to be ok. Box says these two are the same size (both boxes say 12") All the same scale, but just looks wierd to me. I'm going with this, hahahaha! Overall, pretty easy, straightforward build. You could get away with minimal filling and sanding as the decals hide some of the seam lines. I filled in the seam on the secondary hull and nacelles, but not well. My putty work is still quite sloppy and I missed a few gaps. The decals went on beautifully, with little difficulty and they conformed to unusual shapes quite well. They were fairly durable as well, and didn't fragment into a million pieces like typical AMT Star Trek decals. The decal guide wasn't much use to anyone on this planet. $50CAD is a lot of money for such a tiny amount of plastic, better off paying a bit more and getting the 1/1000 scale version.
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