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  1. nah, one of the Ankle Clip's chip went missing.. so it's pointless to Repair it. i tried to glue it, but it won't stick
  2. Actually, Admittly, i never use Any of those. at all. im just a straight Builder and apply stickers so it won't bug me for Canon n stuff. All of the other parts fits and secure. just the Ankle clip just snapped off out of nowhere.
  3. i've actually Research about the VF-25 and the VF-31J. You're Correct about the Gold Plastic. it's not just my Copy. but Everyone's Copy of the VF-31 series. I don't why Bandai Realeased the same Kit for the new Delta Movie with that same Flaw. 6 years later and they never Decide to update the Mold and acted like "yea. this piece of crap Gold brittle piece is good. if it ain't Broke. don't fix it." Glad the VF-25 series don't have the same Problem
  4. i've happen to own and Bought a VF-31J and Sv-262Ba Model kits. after Finishing the Nightmare of a Model kit of the Draken. i was Building the VF-31J Half way throu on the legs. when i got to the feet, the Piece for the ankle was Snapped. Like it Snapped off without any effort. as soon i used a other Piece, it was also Snapped off. i couldn't even finish the Kit and now it's sitting dust on Storage.. i wonder if the VF-25s and the Yf-28 Lucifer suffer that same fate... or it's just on my copy.. i was thinking to buy the VF-25S with the V.F.G girls. i will send the picture if anyone is Interested
  5. They have arrived. A Series that i have a history with it. Having a huge Hate boner towards the Delta Series. After few years now, especially itching to get the VF-31J. I got it. At first, the stickers turned me off. But now it doesn't bothered me now.. excited to build it. But i do heard Complaints about the waist joint on the VF-31J
  6. Oof, i never knew The word Japs was a racist word towards the japanese, my apologies. I thought it was a short word. I should just call them jps for now. Also, no wonder why Zero was poorly Received, since Zero was more Gundam than Macross. I always thought the Mechs was the main selling point. But this is someone who is still new to macross and it's message. Thanks for telling me what's the real macross is about. I feel like a clown for saying stuff like "Real Macross" towards a series n stuff.
  7. Yea, i'm really aware that Plus and Zero Wasn't even Recieved well on Japan. I think that's why we are never going to see Yf-19 in all form and scale. Especially the Zero series. Wich im really salty about it. Knowing the Japs are gonna buy More of Big tittie loli Idol singing Model kits and statues and put it on a jar than buying the main selling point of Mechs. Honestly im suprised you didn't mention Frontier. Since it was Recieved Mix in the West. And Japan. I may be wrong by Japanese side. Since Frontier went back to its Real Macross roots. Mechs/Real Romance/Drama/ and Singing. Im gonna get Looked weird. But 7 was my guilty pleasure and i enjoy it. Only because the cast are just fun. Especially the main character. (bassura i think?) Yea, i know it's the worse from them all, but atleast the cast are much more likable than the Delta cast. While 7 knows there doing this for fun. than Trying soo hard to be serious but immediately Upreptly by fan service or forced in comedy. *coughs* Delta *coughs* coughs* The Vrigin Hayate vs the Chad Bassura.
  8. The Characters in Delta is the Reason why i HARDLY disliked Delta. Especially they did Mirage real Dirty. Making the CHAD Max a frakking Laughing stock by Mirage's shitty generic Tsundere Bumbling Stalker trait. while having the MOST PREDICTABLE Love triangle in macross. sure, you can have a badass Mech Jets, World Building and Factions. but if you make Half of the Cast soo unlikeable that you wanna see half of the cast to just be dead? I'm sorry, don't think people are going to be Interested with the Anime itself. Freyja is adorable, but i don't really mind her but its fun to call her as Fried Lomian and French Fries. ? I used to like Mirage, until they frakk up her "Relationships" with Hayate. yea, she doesn't love him as she used to, but the Damage is already done. i don't know all the names but i remember i hated Delta soo much that i talk trash to people who like this garbage. but i Matured and i don't pay attention on them and be on the community who has the same opinion as i do. i actually wanna Redo the Delta Series, or made a sequel by a Universe connected to a Multi Universe war. mostly like a Alt. Universe. were i try to Improve the characters Wooden Personality and shitty traits, plus spice things up and make Dramatic. i can go on if you guys like on a forum if i get amount of Audience.
  9. Honestly, i really wish Macross came back to it's Plus and Zero Roots. but. im asking too much to a franchise that is trying to be more Music than a Supposive a REAL Triangle scheme.. Especially we're still going to have more Wooden Gay ass Characters that looks like it was ripped off to a Generic no.995 anime. I wouldn't say Macross is dead but a Supposive Murder by the modern Japanese marketing. Japs loves there Crappy wooden Predictable Romance with Heavily focus on Music. while the west Loves there better story with actual Triangle at the Process with Hardcore Mech Battle. and i'm on the West side. only because Delta had the most unlikable cast in Macross history. now my signature from the Macross Community. they made Max and Mirage Dirty.
  10. I just bought the VF-31J and the SV-262BA Draken. honestly. i heard a lot of Complaints about the VF-31J Model Kit, especially around the waist and Legs are Easily Brake. it's not arrive yet. Honestly. i used to hate Every Delta Related Merch. since Delta actually gave me a Expired Grape Medicine. but now i gave the Kits a shot. the more i look at the Vf-31J, the more i'm excited for build it. the Stickers don't bother me as ast time thou.
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