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  1. I've been using White Rabbit Express to occasionally purchase doujinshi. https://www.whiterabbitexpress.com/ Last summer, I used White Rabbit Express to buy a 1/144 scale diecast model of an AC-130U from top-gun.jp. No issues.
  2. If this was being made by a bigtime company like Hasbro, I'd agree. But, since it's a fan creation (AFAIK), with a (likely) very limited run, I guess the price isn't surprising. Given that a toy company like Hasbro or Mattel does not have an Airwolf toy in the works, I suppose there are folks out there desperate enough to want one and is willing to pay the price. Me? No. Not my area of collecting.
  3. I highly recommend reading the manga. Her attempts to improve herself does bear fruit. Things take a turnaround at the later end of her 2nd year (starting around Volume 8). The manga is currently up to Volume 20 and celebrating a 10 year anniversary. At this point, it's almost (but not quite) a yuri manga. She still has her off-kilter mindset (though to a lesser degree) but you find out that she's not the only weirdo at school. There is now a rather large cast of characters and it is currently driving the series to what I think is the ending with her graduation (although I'm hoping it continues into her college years).
  4. Hobby Japan is an independent company. They are not directly affiliated with Bandai or any other toy manufacturer. Frankly, there isn't really much HJ can do other than punish the employee. They need to have a good relation with both the manufacturers and their readers. It's certainly better than looking the other way, doing nothing, or worse, actually defending the guy.
  5. HJ mag editor created this storm in the wake of Gunpla fans exasperated by the inability to acquire the recent HGUC Nightingale. I'm pretty sure Bandai made plenty of that kit. But I think even Bandai has limits to how many they can produce. And even though overall supply is plentiful, how many a particular retailer gets or can get is limited. And the scalpers often get them ahead of the average buyer. The HJ editor had the nerve to basically say - If you couldn't get it, you didn't try hard enough. If you really wanted it, get to the store first in the morning and lineup - I guess oblivious to the fact that, unlike scalpers, most people have a life - like going to school or work in the morning.
  6. This Youtuber puts up a couple of screenshots of the HJ editor's tweets
  7. I'm sure Macrossworld members know the frustration of acquiring DX chogokins due to scalpers. Scalpers/re-sellerrs have lately become a hot topic amongst Gunpla fans too. One would think this wouldn't be a problem with Gunpla as Bandai makes thousands of them. But, not so. Well, it seems that a Hobby Japan employee made tweets and blog posts defending scalpers. Ofcourse, that caused a storm. Hobby Japan recently apologized for the posts by the employee and as of today, fired the guy. Report by Hobby Watch (Google translate does an ok job): https://hobby.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1339956.html Or you can simply read the US report based on the Hobby Watch report: https://www.siliconera.com/hobby-japan-issues-apology-after-employee-defends-scalping-and-reselling-figures/ The firing (only in Japanese): http://hobbyjapan.co.jp/news_release/detail.html?id=6
  8. Calibre Wings just posted this on their Facebook page.
  9. I have this kit too. Haven't built it yet though. Would be interesting to compare it to Brickmania's Abrams design.
  10. For sale. Note: Cyber Formula race cars were designed by Shoji Kawamori. The Megahouse Variable Action models are 1/24 scale. 1. Takatoku/Bandai 1/100 VF-1A Condition: Fair (see pic below). The box is pretty worn. The figure has yellowed big time. However, nothing is broken and the all the joints are still nice and stiff. Price: US$25 SOLD 2. Megahouse Variable Action Cyber Formula GPX Asurada GSX Condition: Excellent. It has been on display but never played with Price: US$45 3. Megahouse Variable Action Cyber Formula GPX Super Asurada 01 Condition: Excellent. It has been on display but never played with Price: US$45 4. Megahouse Variable Action Cyber Formula GPX Ishuzark Condition: Excellent. It has been on display but never played with Price: US$45 5. Megahouse Variable Action Cyber Formula GPX Fire Superion GTR Condition: Excellent. It has been on display but never played with Price: US$45 6. Megahouse Variable Action Cyber Formula GPX Aoi Stealth Jaguar Z7 Condition: Excellent. It has been on display but never played with Price: US$45 Free shipping to buyers in continental US. With regards to the Megahouse Cyber Formula cars, if you buy all 5, I wil drop the price to US$200 shipped. I will entertain trade offers. I'll trade for 1/72 scale aircraft models and Gundam models. I will not ship outside of US and Canada (But will make an exception if you are a member of MWF with 1000+ posts). Item will ship from New York with tracking number. Payment by Paypal please. Please add 4% Payal fee or use friends&family option. ALL SALES AND TRADES ARE FINAL
  11. So, does this agreement mean that a non-Japan based company like Kitz Concept now has access to the Macross Plus or Macross 7 property (for merchandises) by negotiating through HG? It doesn't seem like it but just wondering.
  12. The F-35 can trace its roots all the way back to the Common Affordable Lightweight Fighter (CALF) project whose goal from the beginning was to develop a VTOL fighter that can meet the needs of the USMC and RN. The CALF project then merged with the Joint Advanced Strike Technology (JAST) project and then transformed to the JSF project. Not to mention that the biggest compromise to the F-35 airframe is the need to insert the VTOL tech. And while I think the Navy's infatuation with twin-engines is a bit ridiculous (considering they've used sngle-engine jets before without major issues and modern jet engines are more reliable than ever before), if the VTOL requirement wasn't in effect, perhaps the F-35 could've been designed with 2 engines.
  13. One could almost argue that the F-35 is a Marine Corps design that both the air force and navy had to adopt - since the STOVL requirement was a core element of the JSF project from the beginning.
  14. There's no guarantee that this so-called "F-36" is going to be lower cost or lower maintenance. This imaginary jet looks to be an all new airframe (with only a superficial resemblance to the F-16XL) instead of being an evolution of an existing fully matured airframe like the F-15EX. Add in things like a new engine, new software, and some new tech that appears in the future, I can see purchase and maintenance costs ballooning. In anycase, I don't see the rationale for spending a massive amount of money to develop and field an aircraft that in the end looks to be no better than the F-15EX or Block 60 F-16E/F of reality. Besides, this "F-36" looks all wrong with the tail fins out there on the wings. Reminds me more of the Vought Cutlass than the F-16XL.
  15. Currently watching Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life. A stupid/silly isekai anime that parodies its own genre and plays with all the tropes to great comedic effect. A number of anime in-jokes too. Though I wonder if some of the younger viewers can catch the Photon Energy Barrier in-joke. Totally enjoying this series (so far).
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