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  1. More about the color scheme than the character. 😅 Kakizaki was a fun goofball, though. I appreciate the breath of levity he brought to the series. That is a sick paint job! Wish I had the skills.
  2. Truly! Even Yahoo.jp auctions go for a hella markup. I was beginning to think that I would never get one. Now my little Kakizaki corner is looking great!
  3. Finally got one of my holy grails thanks to @Chokinzoku81!! It's so amazing!
  4. This whole thing is ridiculously cool!
  5. Hands down the best VF-1 toy ever. Wish they'd do a 1/60 scale. These DX are some big toys!
  6. Got my copy recently too. It is SO nice to finally have this in HD. Love this movie so much! Congrats on your buy!
  7. 😄 Where were you a week ago when I got this one!?
  8. For the premium finish with SSP, the Roy version is going for about $200 on bababobo00712 toy store and in that neighborhood on eBay as well. Hikaru is going for more. I was impressed with what I'd gotten. Too bad it was the wrong character. 😅
  9. It's not like I've got the market cornered or anything. Just observing that I've only shared the art with about 4 people and now it's being sold for profit. Shame, cause I'd just give it away. The point was to share with fellow fans. No skin off my back, I've got an original.
  10. I'll save you some time. As you can probably tell from the first post, I vectorized most of the elements in the marquee already. They'll need some work if you're going for perfect re-creations. The half-tones are a PITA. I'll reach out to you when I get back in front of my computer. If you're just looking to reprint and sell on eBay like some of the others I've shared with, the high res scan is probably good enough.
  11. Hey! Welcome to the group. I think we're going to be meeting up again pretty soon here.
  12. Sounds good. See you then! I'll DM my number so we can coordinate.
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