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  1. Shout out to @no3Ljm for his patience and fantastic communication! Love my new bird!
  2. Got my copy recently too. It is SO nice to finally have this in HD. Love this movie so much! Congrats on your buy!
  3. Had a great transaction with @kkx. Good communication. Fast payment.
  4. Hey gang, SOLD Selling my YF-29 Isamu custom. Asking $180 +shipping PayPal F&F, Venmo, Zelle accepted. I'm on the straight shooters list. Edit: Also selling my Roy VF-4 Hi-Metal R. Asking $95 +shipping. I customized the stand with a vinyl sticker of the skull squadron logo.
  5. 😄 Where were you a week ago when I got this one!?
  6. Selling a Megahouse Mospeada Ride Armor VR-052F Stick Bernard version. aka Robotech New Generation Scott Bernard Cyclone This is a 1/15 scale action figure with ride armor motorcycle. There is one broken piece (see photos) but the bike holds together and the break does not affect either mode. I've included a 3rd party sticker sheet that is partially used. Asking $100 +shipping. Paypal (friends and family) or Venmo. I've listed on eBay if that's your jam. Mospeada Ride Armor Stick VR-052F (Robotech Scott Bernard Cyclone) | eBay But I'd rather avoid the fees so I'm giving it a shot here too.
  7. Throw another gold star on the pile for @505thAirborne. Smooth transaction and great communication!
  8. For the premium finish with SSP, the Roy version is going for about $200 on bababobo00712 toy store and in that neighborhood on eBay as well. Hikaru is going for more. I was impressed with what I'd gotten. Too bad it was the wrong character. 😅
  9. Hey all. Did an ebay dance that didn't exactly go my way. Ended up with a pair of Valkyrie Factory Roy Focker VF-1S. They are both It is premium finish with super strike parts, and clear cover add-ons. Just trying to offload these at a fair price. I'm on the straight shooters list. Asking $110/each +USPS Priority Mail shipping (estimates available). Friends and family preferred or add PayPal fees. Updated with pics and a little price drop. Update 12/2: All Sold. Thanks!
  10. Had a smooth transaction with @Hikaru1234567890. Great dude!
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