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  1. More photos. I am not an expert of this kind of toy, please judge the condition yourself. Price can be negotiate. Feel free to give me an offer.
  2. I am in Atlanta, GA right now. The shipping fee really depends on where you are, but mostly it will be about $20.
  3. Has been transformed 2 times. Mostly displayed as plane mode. I can provide more details, if you want. BTW, since I am a international student without SSN, I can’t sell on eBay or Mercari. I have to sell it on Facebook marketplace which should also be safe.
  4. It worked and thank you very much
  5. Jjjjjjjzhou

    Macross figures

    Sorry for that, should already be deleted
  6. This is an almost new Bandai chogokin vf-27y. The box has some shelf wear. The figure is complete without any damage in my perspective. I am planning to sell this for $ 200 plus shipping fee. Feel free to contact me. I can take more pictures if needed.
  7. Thank you very much. I will delete this when I totally solve this problem.
  8. I am new here, and I want to sell a almost new Bandai chogokin vf27. The figure is complete and no damage. The box shows some wear. However, I do not know how to post on the sell&trade section. Can anyone help me? Also, I am not sure about its value. Can anyone give me a estimation? I am trying to sell it around $200. Thx
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