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  1. Looks like it has very little to do with the books, Character names and places etc, I did like the books for the most part until the 6th and 7th where a absolutely moronic twist happens that IMO ruined the story which had been a solid read up until that point. I usually bring up the Dark Tower series as a example of sometimes NO ending is better then a BAD ending. (Although the VERY end was fine just the preceding 600 pages were garbage) Movie looks meh cool fantasy world abandoned for another NYC fight. I'll wait for the reviews.
  2. Aside from the small hiccup with Apocalypse I thought it was mostly agreed on that Fox has been doing a great job with the X-men movies with First Class, DofP, Deadpool, Logan all being very well received. I'm curious about how these movies will turn out since most of the main cast are done with the movies or in much smaller roles. So it will essentially be starting from square 1 again.
  3. I don't like the Dorne plot in the show or books but, in the show at least, the show runners clearly knew they shat the bed when the first episode of season 6 had half the characters killed off then remain absent the rest of the season until the finale when Olenna Tyrell ripped them apart. Very cathartic for frustrated watchers and book readers who didn't enjoy the weakest plot of the show. Now on the other hand the book Dorne is different and unfinished so it has potential to turn out ok and the show did give us some solid Bronn scenes IMO I found Arya's season 5-6 faceless man story arc more pointless and overly long what I feel like the should have done was pull a Bran,Hodor,Yara,Blackfish and had Arya sit out a season instead of giving us two seasons of the same stick whacking "who are you". We could have used that time for more flashbacks or setting up our last minute villain Euron Greyjoy earlier. Despite those complains I still think this is the best show on television and can't wait until the new season this summer... and the new book in 2047
  4. I didn't say I believed it just that I thought it was cool haha,I did lump it in the conspiracy part. I do remember on my reread on the books and reading the line when Bran first sees Meera and thinks it is Arya for a moment. I immediately went on the internet and researched if anyone else had made this conspiracy theory yet... of course they had... 10 years ago haha.
  5. I'm not a fan of the secret Targ theories either. I mean there are already to many in the books we have Dany Viserys Aemon Jon(99%) Young Griff (maybe blackfire targ) then the consipacies All three Lannister siblings being the most popular then you get into the deeper conspiracies and Meera, Varys, Illyrio, Mance Rayder, Quorin Halfhand etc. people just have to much time to pick through the texts over the 5 year periods between books and there is a theory for everything now. I do like the Meera is Jon's twin one though
  6. Nah I'm sticking with Ghost is Lord Commander of the Wall with Dolores Edd as his steward. As for Sansa being a One woman Dorne that's a little harsh Dorne was a total mess up that I found nothing except Bronn enjoyable Sansa on the other while hit and miss has been far more interesting than the waste of time that was Dorne. I mean even the show ignores it. Cersei tells Jaime to take Riverrun to prove to the world not the mess with the Lannisters... weeks after their daughter was murdered and nothing was done about it... she's just their daughter... and the Kings sister... and heir to the Throne... so yea even the show seems to ignore what they did with the story line haha.
  7. TL:DR - To many under developed characters being reintroduced and killed But still a fantastic season for the most part and HYPED for the finale. *Still waiting for book 6* Edit - Where is Ghost?!?! Did Jon leave him in charge of the Wall? Lord commander Ghost?
  8. I want to be excited but the movies were just so rushed and the animation at times....
  9. I think it's the jars of wildfire we saw in Bran's vision that were placed around the city by the mad king. Ironic fate that Jaime stopped the mad king from burning the city down and he might have to do the same for his sister.
  10. Looking back at my earlier post in the this thread I'm glad I was proven wrong and this has been IMO a perfect adaptation of a amazingly unique manga. I'm very excited to see Part 4 animated as it really is the most "bizarre" of all of Jojo. Hype!
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